December 2017: Do you have a ‘Smile-maker’ in your life??

Happy December to all my friends!!

Each year I ask the same question:

Just think about the ‘hustle and bustle’ that comes during the Holidays with new people in our house, our humans coming and going more often, and a different routine than we are used to!

Are you in need of that special friend that can make you smile no matter what, despite all the sad things that are happening around us this year??

I hope you do!

But just in case you are without a ‘smile-maker’ please consider adopting a ‘special friend’ from the Irvine Animal Care Center this Holiday season-

Why adopt?

  • Adopting a pet in need of a home is exciting and rewarding for you and your family.
  • You will save a special life! Too many pets are euthanized each year due to overcrowding in many shelters.
  • Pet adoption is less expensive and an adopted pet’s health is assured through pre-screening for illness and behavior.
  • At IVS all rescued and adopted pets receive a FREE initial exam!
  • Stay tuned for next month’s blog post on the many steps we take at IVS to welcome your pet and make them feel calm when handled by all our staff!

Still not convinced? Please read our newsletter articles and enjoy my favorite stories about ‘Third Chance’ pets!

From my home full of ‘smile-makers’ to your home-may this season be warm and joyous-

Hugs and kisses ~Lizzie

Irvine Animal Care Center’s Third Chance Program


Irvine Animal Care Center offers many ways to contribute and be involved. Founded in 1982, IACC started their Third Chance for Pets Program in 1999. Did you know Dr. Cole (along with others) led the move of relocating the Laguna Beach shelter to the current site of IACC? Dr. Cole and the IVS community continue to support the efforts of IACC to this day. This includes the Third Chance for Pets Program. I’m sure you’ve heard us mention this program many times!

Why do we love this program so much?                                          

It affords Irvine Animal Care Center the ability to pick up animals from overcrowded shelters and bring them to IACC where they are given an increased opportunity to be adopted into their forever home.

Why do we support this program?

Some programs that the Irvine Animal Care Center can offer is because of the generous donations that are specifically raised for that program.  Third Chance for Pets Program is one of them. This program would not exist without donations.

How can you donate?

Stop by our booth at Home for the Holidays on December 10th! All donations raised will go to the Third Chance for Pets Program. Or Visit the Irvine Animal Care Center at 6443 Oak Canyon, Irvine and you can go to their website v

Gunner is the 10,000th animal adopted through the Third Chance for Pets Program!

Boarding your pet?

For the month of December, if you board your pet at Irvine Veterinary Services, you can put your pet’s name on a snowflake or snowman to help decorate our practice lobbies! We will donate $1 for each boarder staying with us to the Irvine Animal Care Center’s Third Chance for Pets Program.

With all the places to chose from for boarding, we are honored when clients pick us. We work hard to give your pet excellent, quality care while here starting with their boarding exam completed by one of our technicians or veterinarians ensuring their health from day one. All our staff is training is signs to look for that show stress or illness. We pride ourselves in our ability to communicate issues quickly between departments and with you. IVS goes out of its way to provide options for picky eaters, attention for all and extra attention when needed. We want you and your pet to be comfortable with their home away from home.

Call to schedule your tour and boarding reservation today!


Nova, a Shiny Star

We interviewed Kristianna who adopted Nova in 2015, a Third Chance pet. As you can see, even with a rough lot in life, she shines a bright light on her fur-ever family.

Did you go into the shelter knowing you wanted specifically a Third Chance for Pets pet?

I went to the shelter originally looking for a senior pet to adopt because I felt that I had the means to help out a pet that might not be as readily adopted. I was unfamiliar with the Third Chance program at that time. Nova caught my eye and I found out later that she was a Third Chance pet.


(Nova on adoption day at the shelter)

What do you know of her background story?

She had been picked up from a shelter in San Bernardino. They didn’t know much about her history, except that she’s had at least one litter of puppies and was brought into IACC with scarring all around her neck. They believed that she had gotten into a fight or that a larger animal had tried to eat her before she was picked up by the shelter in San Bernardino.

How does Nova fit into your home?

She’s a perfect addition to my little family! She’s sweet and loving and gets along very well with her cat and gecko brothers. She has little patience for puppies but loves kittens and is always so excited to meet them at the hospital. I bring her pretty much wherever I go: to work, to the beach, on hikes. She’s just happy to be wherever I am.

Home for the Holidays Pet Adoption Fair, Sunday, Dec 10 10AM to 2PM

Check out Irvine Animal Care Center’s website for participating vendors! There’s something for everyone including our booth for low cost microchips and an opportunity to meet our vets at our Ask the Vet Booth!

Home Holidays

Parsnip the rabbit

Superstar of the Month: Parsnip

Parsnip is a 1 year old, spayed female, brown Shorthaired rabbit.  She is a beautiful rabbit who enjoys people and cuddles.  Visit Parsnip at the Irvine Animal Care Center and she will greet you at the front of her kennel, eager for some fresh vegetables and parsley.
For more information about Parsnip, call:
Irvine Animal Care Center at (949) 724-7740
Ask for information about animal ID number A109388


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