Why Bees are NOT my Best Friends!

When I was just a pup, I LOVED to roll in EVERYTHING. Especially ‘new and great smelling dirt’ (my Mom calls it fertilizer). Lucky for me there’s lots of great dirt around my house and in the park where I run and play with my buddies, Connor, Lincoln, and now my new ‘bro’ Ulysses.

This time of year, this ‘new’ dirt is everywhere. But I also found out, I am not the only one that LOVES this dirt. Turns out that new dirt means new flowers. It also means that my favorite plants are getting special ‘food’, too. For me this is the ‘bee’ time of year cause they need to gather pollen for THEIR family. That means BIG TROUBLE for me!

When I was not even one, a BIG bee bit me on the nose. I don’t remember much but my Dad says I fell down and collapsed right away. This made him REAL scared and he ran to our house ‘lickety split’ with three dogs running along with him! He rushed me to our hospital and was able to SAVE me but it was a close call.

Next year it happened AGAIN because I stepped on a poor bee this time! I collapsed again-but this time my Dad was pepared! He had a ‘bee kit’, from IVS, at our house and I felt better right away. (Learn more about the ‘Bee Kit’ from IVS here)

So what’s going on with bee stings??

Dogs and cats can have BIG and SERIOUS allergic reactions to stings from bees, wasps, and hornets.

Just like people we get an ‘anaphylactic’ reaction and can get VERY sick. Sometimes we can die, so this is serious. If you or one of your friends get stung DO NOT wait for it to go away! Get to your Vet or emergency clinic FAST. My Dad says that stings can mean nothing at all, can just make us itch and swell or can result in big trouble and cause us to stop breathing.

Just in case, MAKE sure you let everyone know in your family:

  1. When IVS is open and closed. We take emergencies ANYTIME we are open! No need to call! Walk in if there is an emergency!!! Phone numbers, hours and directions to both our locations.
  2. What our phone number is and the phone number and location of our recommended after hours emergency care facilities.
  3. What can you do to ‘stop’ bees from hurting you? Be alert on our walks and whenever we are outside to keep us away from trees and bushes in full bloom.
  4. Make sure that where you walk us-the sidewalk is ‘safe’ and bee free. If we have the ‘unlucky’ anaphylactic reaction problem, keep us off the grass until ‘spring bee’ season is past.

 Check out this really fun picture of me and my bros, playing in OUR park.Lizzies blog post- 007

Please ‘bee aware’! Have fun this spring and ‘bee safe’.

Love and kisses from me, Lizzie

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