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Summer has flown by!?

Summertime ends and holidays loom! A chance to celebrate and travel to see family! Whether traveling for a family reunion, vacation, holiday – IVS offers traveling tips and options to help keep you and your cat as stress-free as possible.

Us felines love September – it’s still warm but starts to get cooler throughout the month. Plus, we get to celebrate our senior feline friends! IVS offers a Senior Feline Preventive Program to help keep your feline healthy and live a long life with you. The key to great health is to visit twice annually to get some hands-on Veterinarian exams. Let’s face it – we are so good at hiding things. Six-month visits allow our Veterinarians the ability to help catch disease and illness early. Early intervention and prevention are key!

Speaking of Seniors – check out the special offer from IVS if you adopt a senior cat from the Irvine Animal Care Center. We know senior cats have a harder time getting adopted. We believe a senior cat is a gem. If you adopt a senior cat, we will offer you unlimited courtesy exams for the life of that cat. This only applies to senior cats adopted from IACC though. See some of the cats available below.

Ever wonder why your cat is always rubbing on stuff? Our Kitty Talk article gets into a little bit of that cat communication to help you understand us. My owners know that when my brother Leo or I rub on them, we are accepting them into our clan, so they rub us back to show us they accept us too. We’re always looking for ways to foster cat and human bonds from kittens to seniors!

Purrs and Meows!
~Mr. Pickles and Leo

To Travel or Not to Travel (with your cat)?

Traveling with your cat can be a very daunting task. Where do you put the litter box, what if they get out of their carrier, what if they yowl the whole way? It’s terrifying! Boarding is always a choice for you and your feline companion. At IVS we have separate boarding areas at both practices to keep you kitties in a safe, quiet area of the hospital where they are not mixed in with dogs. We offer a home away from home with comfy bedding, twice daily feedings, daily litter box and cage cleanings and lots and lots of one-on-one love and attention. Visit our boarding webpage for more information on having your treasured kitty stay with us.

Back to traveling with Princess or Prince! We have a few tips that can help make travel easier for everyone involved. Once you have verified that kitty is up-to-date on vaccines and microchipped you can be on your way.

  • Spray their carrier with Feliway -a calming pheromone
  • We recommend traveling with a sturdy, hard carrier
  • Make sure your route is planned with breaks for feeding, potty, and attention giving to help keep stress down
  • Bring extra supplies with you – food, bottled water, medications if applicable

If kitty is not a good traveler, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian to discuss medication options to assist in making travel easier for you all.

Other sources to help you travel with your cat:

September is for Seniors and Savings…

Actually – everyday is for senior pets! At IVS we understand the special needs of pets as they get older. This is why we offer a special Senior Feline Program where our Veterinarians have put together their most highly recommended treatment plan for a senior kitty.

We recommend that we see your cat (7 years and older) about every 6 months. Cats are notorious for hiding when they are in pain or don’t feel well. Because we value our feline owners and know how much of a challenge it can be to bring your cat into the office, we provide you with a certificate to bring your cat in for free. This will be given to you at your pet’s annual visit to be used within 6 months of that visit.

Also included in the program? A thorough nose-to-tail hands-on examination by your Veterinarian; an annual feline wellness blood panel which checks internal organ function, thyroid and urine; core vaccines (feline distemper, feline leukemia and rabies) as well as 2 complimentary pedicures.

Schedule your senior cat’s annual exam today!


Adopt a Senior Feline from IACC

Did you know that the Irvine Animal Care Center offers a Seniors Helping Seniors adoption program? This means that if you are 62 or older, you could be eligible to adopt a senior cat at no charge. We love that IACC works to pair senior people with senior pets!

We also believe in fostering that senior pet adoption bond; therefore, we offer unlimited, free exams for the life of your senior cat. You will also be eligible to join our free Felines Fan Club which gives 10% off most services. Next time you are looking to fill your home with the love of a new pet, think about adopting a senior cat from the Irvine Animal Care Center.

Visit to see more adoptable pets at the Irvine Animal Care Center. Don’t forget – senior or not, we offer a free first comprehensive exam for all adopted and rescued pets.


See for more guidelines on IACC’s Seniors Helping Seniors program.

Kitty Talk

Do you ever sit there watching your cat(s) and wonder why they rub all over everything including you? Cats have scent glands on several areas of their bodies including their cheeks. What do these scent glands do? They release pheromones. These chemicals released by your cat allow them to “mark” furniture, other pets, and YOU!

Why would your cat “mark” you? They have decided you are a part of their clan. This rubbing allows cats to communicate with other cats, other pets in the house, even your furniture! Cats rub to create their sense of comfort and safety. This is why they might rub that same table leg over and over again. They will rub on you as soon as you walk in the door transferring their scent back on you and if you pet them back not only do you reinforce this behavior, but you put your scent back on them. This is what feral cats in colonies do all the time.

Touching noses is another way of saying hi to fellow colony cats and humans. This is how a cat, with their magnified sense of smell, can tell where other cats have been. A nose touch tends to be followed by a headbutt or cheek rub all circling back to marking you or an accepted pet with their scent.

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