Please Do Not Leave Us Alone This Summer! Warning: Coyotes Can Be Dangerous!

Dr. Oakley wanted me to remind all you humans to be ‘especially’ cautious this summer when it comes to our ‘canine cousins’, the Coyote.

I have seen them around Hicks Canyon in Irvine when we are out for our walks in North Irvine. Worse-we see too many of our humans bring in their pets to IVS that have been attacked RIGHT IN THEIR OWN BACKYARDS!

So please be alert! What should you know and what should you do?

  1. Coyotes do really well in places like Irvine,COYOTE_280x186 and are really good at surviving in Orange County suburban communities. Most are offspring of generations of ‘urban’ packs, so they are street ‘wise’.
  2. They are comfortable living around humans, but are NOT tame. They will be defensive and   fierce if cornered or threatened.
  3. Any small pet can be EASY prey for coyotes. PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE US OUTSIDE ALONE IN A FENCED YARD, especially during evening hours. Rule: please do not leave us alone EVER if we are small!
  4. Please feed us indoors. Do not make food or water available for predators like coyotes.
  5. Keep all areas of your home well lit. Consider motion detectors in high risk areas.
  6. Same rule goes for small humans-human supervision important!

Need more info? Visit the and search coyotes.

Visit and search for ‘Tips on Urban Coyotes’.

Visit  and search coyote.

Love and kisses from me Lizzie!

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