Irvine Pet Grooming at its Best!

Irvine Veterinary Services (IVS) is committed to providing the best pet grooming in Irvine and pet health care that is second to none.

We offer full service pet health care that includes the bathing and grooming of dogs and cats.

In addition to specialized care of skin and coat, each pet is gently examined for often hard to find growths, skin problems, ear infections, or eye irritations. Trained pet health care professionals will complete a special “comment” form detailing grooming suggestions and any comments about pet behavior during the bath. Should bathers note possible health care problems, a Veterinarian will examine the pet and contact or advise owners if appropriate.

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Bathing Procedures

All baths and grooms begin with a brief introduction between pet and bather or a “getting to know your pet” ritual. The bather speaks reassuringly to each pet and gently creates rapport while examining the pet for growths or other potential health problems.
Next, each pet is gently brushed or combed out to prevent further tangling or matting in the bath. If dematting is necessary it is completed in this initial step. This detangling or dematting assures that the pet’s coat will be thoroughly cleaned and rinsed in the bath. The ears are cleaned at this time, using a professional ear cleaning solution followed by gentle massaging of the ear to loosen wax and dirt build-up. Cotton balls and sometimes Q-tips are gently inserted in the ear canal to wipe out debris. Should ears appear inflamed or sensitive to the touch, the staff Veterinarian is summoned for an examination. If appropriate, hair is removed from the ear canal using ear powder that encourages easy hair removal with the fingers. Excess ear hair promotes build-up of wax and dirt that may lead to ear infection.

Then, nails are trimmed utilizing a professional, regulation clipper. Bathers are trained to trim the many variations of pet nails, including dewclaws. Keeping nails short is a very important health care measure as nails may become ingrown, break at the quick, or damage skin when pets scratch.

Finally, the pet is put into the tub and thoroughly rinsed with fresh warm water. At this time and prior to the first shampoo, the anal sacs located on each side of the rectum are gently expressed. Should a bather note irritation or swollen glands, a Veterinarian examination is requested. The pet is shampooed and rinsed thoroughly twice. The bather, unless otherwise directed, will use IVS-approved shampoo for dry, moist or irritated skin. If a conditioning treatment is requested, the solution is applied using a sponge, first around the face, carefully avoiding the eye area. The rest of the body is covered with the conditioner and allowed to sit from 3-5 minutes as directed. The conditioner is then thoroughly rinsed twice from the coat. The pet is next thoroughly towel dried and placed in a warm kennel next to a warm dryer, and finally hand dried, and then thoroughly brushed out. It is important to note that all pets are given an opportunity to “rest” between bath stages and are often reassured or held by a bather. This is especially important for cats, puppies, or pets experiencing their first groom or bath at IVS. Cats, in particular, are thoroughly towel dried, but often are allowed to air dry as they are particularly sensitive to even the most quiet dryer.

Dogs or cats scheduled for a groom next meet a new person—the groomer! Once again rapport between the groomer and the pet is established. IVS professional groomers complete most body work with clippers, and all legs, head, and tail are hand scissored. The time required for this stage will vary depending on the size of the dog, style of the clip and the cooperation of the dog or cat.

Very special concentration and attention are needed in this final step and calm is essential at this time. A sudden move can change a carefully planned and crafted style drastically. Often, the groomer must work repeatedly with an excitable dog to calm him or her so that work can resume.

As a result, groomers and bathers at IVS appreciate client flexibility in pick-up time and whenever possible IVS appreciates the opportunity to call clients when pets are available for pick-up. Or we’d be happy to hear from you throughout the day!

Finally, before we release your pet we double check and triple check to make certain that:

  1. deep, loosened ear debris hasn’t worked itself into the ear canal
  2. coat is completely tangle-free, and
  3. pet has not soiled himself/herself.

Special Tips for a Stress Free Bath or Groom

If your pet isn’t feeling well, reschedule for another day! Your cat or dog will do better when they feel better. Please take the time to walk your pet just before he/she is admitted. The bath or groom will be much more comfortable. At release, your pet will need another walk. Well loan you our leashes at no charge.

IVS Guarantee

If you are dissatisfied with a bath or groom, we will be happy to rebathe or regroom your pet to your specifications. It is not uncommon for eyes to be a bit irritated, or for ears to “shake” after cleaning. Please let us know if something is amiss. Often times it is a normal occurrence and easily resolved.

We Need Your Help

We know you put a great deal of trust in IVS to care for your pet. With a little help from you we know you’ll be happy with our service and will want to visit us again. Please help us by:

  1. Keeping up to date on vaccines. Should your pet require vaccines wed be happy to vaccinate the day your pet is admitted for the bath or groom. Requirements are:Dogs: DHP,Parvo,Bordetella,Rabies
    Cats: FVRCP,FELV,Rabies
  2. Allow ample time at drop-off in the morning to give our admittance staff careful and thoughtful direction on grooms. Consult our on-site groomers to discuss cuts you like.
  3. Please carry home leashes, collars, flea collars, and cat carriers. Our space is limited and they may end up being misplaced. We’d be happy to lend you our leashes at pick-up for your convenience! Please give us a call at either of our two conveniently located Irvine locations!

Pet Grooming at its best… we promise!

Hours of Operation

Our hospitals are open seven days a week!
Serving our clients with appointments throughout the day.

All Day Emergency Care available.
Appointments available during the lunch hour and throughout the day.

7:00am to 7:00pm Monday, Wednesday, Thursday
7:00am to 8:00pm Tuesday and Friday
7:00am – 6:00pm Saturday and Sunday.

University Park
7:00am to 8:00pm Monday – Friday
Veterinary Care available between 7:00am – 8:00pm, Monday – Friday,
7:00am – 6:00pm Saturday and Sunday.