Cat Boarding in Orange County by Irvine Vet Services

At Irvine Veterinary Services, we take very seriously the trust you demonstrate by boarding your cat in our care. And while there is “no place like home,” it is our sincere purpose to provide a safe, comfortable, and caring environment for your cat while in our care. Clients should feel confident that our boarding procedures are of the highest quality and that your cat is attended to by trained, experienced, kennel staff and qualified Veterinarians seven days a week.

Cats have special boarding needs. At IVS cats are housed in separate areas from dogs and are provided roomy ‘cat condos’ that feature multi-level suite access. All liter boxes are changed daily or more often depending upon ‘feline preference’. All felines are examined shortly after admittance and at least twice daily your feline’s body functions and behavior are recorded in medical records and special boarding cards. Kennel staff pays particular attention to food and water intake. We find that within 24 hours most feline ‘guests’ have adjusted to their new surroundings and are attentive to our kennel staff enjoying the attention they receive.


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Our Kennel Policies and Procedures

  1. All cats and are walked or held a minimum of twice per day by staff members to ensure warm and caring human contact.
  2. All kennels are cleaned a minimum of twice a day – including sanitizing, change of towels, fresh food and water, litter boxes, etc.
  3. All boarding cats are monitored continually throughout the day by trained veterinary staff. Staff members monitor all body functions and are trained to alert Veterinarians to potential problems such as poor appetite, depression, lethargy, skin irritations, eye or other abnormal health problems.
  4. All boarding cats are fed Science Diet Food. Unless otherwise directed by clients or Veterinarians, only dry food is used to ensure firm stool and prevent gastrointestinal problems. Clients are welcome to bring regular food from home.
  5. Should any cat become ill while boarding, IVS reserves the right to treat your pet authorized by you at admittance. Boarding can be stressful for some cats and sometimes illnesses develop that were in the process of developing at home. By entrusting the health of your cat to us, we consider treatment our responsibility in your absence. Should you leave us an emergency contact number we will make every attempt to contact you prior to any treatment.
  6. At no extra charge, every pet at admittance receives a complete physical examination by Veterinary Technician supervised by a Veterinarian. You will receive an examination sheet with any care recommendations at pick-up.
  7. We will be happy to care for convalescing cats or cats on medication at a minimal charge assessed daily.
  8. For boarding stays longer than two days, IVS highly recommends a bath or groom prior to pickup. Any boarding pet in containment for even short periods of time tends to soil faster. You and your pet will be much happier at pickup after a bath!
  9. When you pickup your pet we will thoroughly review your pets progress during his/her boarding stay.
  10. Please keep in mind that cats, like humans, need time to adjust to boarding “vacations” both during and following boarding. If your pet’s behavior is abnormal at pickup or when he/she returns home—don’t hesitate to ask to speak to our Veterinarian or call us! We’d be happy to treat your pet for any problem and wish only to return your pet to you in good health.
  11. In order to protect the health of your cat and ensure the health of other hospitalized or boarding cats we require that the following vaccines be up to date:
  1. Complete the boarding admittance form that records any past or current health problems, sensitive areas, or current treatment. By knowing any pet behavior problems or home routines we can make your pet’s stay with us as stress free and pleasant as possible!
  2. Many clients enjoy calling us during vacations and out-of-town trips. Feel free to give us a call and we’ll give you an update on how your pet is doing!

Please call us for reservations in advance at either of our two conveniently located Irvine locations! Make Your Reservations Now