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Taro’s Success Story

taro-posterHere is my ‘poster’ that was at the shelter when I was visited on July 18th, my future home person was bringing some blankets as a donation. She wandered a little and kept looking at me, though you couldn’t see me very well — as you can see my hair was overgrown and matted! I was 12 lbs. and estimated to be 1 year and 1 month old. The shelter thought I was healthy, but my future owner seemed a little nervous about my skinny frame (you could feel my entire spine), but I was pretty happy and optimistic with clear eyes and a sweet disposition.

The following day the person came back, with 2 dogs. I met Brindi (Norwich Terrier) who sort of ignored me and Lilly (Chihuahua mix) who was shy but seemed friendly enough. They are 6 & 7 years old. One of
the shelter volunteers said they hoped I would go home with someone who had a dog(s) as I would be happier. I don’t know how they knew that, but they were right. I was put in a carrier and taken away that morning!

photo_taroI didn’t really know my Taro name but I was renamed ‘Tres’ (as in the Spanish #3) and I was VERY good my first 2 nights, sleeping in a dog bed on the bedroom floor as my 2 new (female) roommates slept on a bed. I just wanted to do the right thing. I did not jump or misbehave: I was quietly obedient and a little nervous about things like a mirror until I learned that it wasn’t another dog looking at me! I’m also getting better at distinguishing real door bells and TV door bells!!

My new packmates are close, Brindi is not particularly playful, she let me know from the beginning that I was to respect her space and her time with our person, but I wasn’t
discouraged by her lack of playfulness, you can see that I sort of followed
her lead in hanging around the house. But most of the time I play with Lilly.

photo_brindi-lillyWhen Dr. Cole checked me out that August day he said “This is a
fine dog, get him groomed and you’ll see!” I wanted you to see
how right you were. Everyone seemed to agree that I am
Poodle, Lhasa & possibly Maltese. I now have 6 months
experience in a forever home and in my neighborhood walks, I
can tell you that I’ve meet my mirror image in white; she is Lhasa/Maltese but no one seems to care what I am really. Here’s a picture of the 3 of us (I’m the one on the far right!)

I don’t jump on furniture, except for 2 places, maybe 3. I do jump onto the sofa, there’s a bed there for me (there are a lot of nice places for us in this house), and so I hang out there where I can look out a window. I wasn’t much of a barker at first, but I sort of am now; I’m learning to keep it ‘outside’ and try to be pretty good about it, unless there’s a rodent to chase (that is where Brindi excels, she killed one!) or squirrels to alert everyone to their presence. But in general, I’m happy to sit on my person’s lap, or lay near her. I like to play with squeaky toys (who KNEW how fun that was!)

Life is good. My tail looks like a normal happy dog tail, my coat is healthy and I’ve put on weight. I have a very good looking red and black plaid collar with a matching lead! And a red harness of course, it’s very stylish on a black dog. I guess I’m getting better at walks, which I love, but apparently I ‘zig-zag’ a bit but I’m trying to get better. I can tell you this, I have no interest in running free (that is, beyond visual sight of my person), I love having a home. I hang around my person or play with Lilly all day long and night too.
So here I am Dr. Cole and Shelter staff members. Thanks for giving me a 3rd chance!

But enough about me, it’s getting late (my evening yawn!)


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