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Maurice’s Success Story

After losing our fat little cat Elvis to lymphoma this summer, we were looking to adopt a new cat. Our home was feeling a little empty without a cat lurking about. We specifically wanted to rescue a third chance cat, a cat that really needed a new home.

At the Irvine Animal Shelter we noticed a very shy and timid cat named Maurice. We were told that he had been in a shelter environment for the past 8 months and was rescued from another shelter in Baldwin Park. His previous shelter was a kill shelter and his time was running up. Although he was very shy and a little scared, we had a sense that he had potential if put in the right environment.

The first few weeks at our home were a little tough on Maurice. He hissed, cried, hid and only emerged from under the bed in the dead of the night. We were afraid he was damaged beyond repair. But, we gave him his space and encouraged him with treats and chin scratches. It took him about a month to realize that his prospects had greatly improved from his previous shelter life and that he had free reign of the house.

Today, Maurice is a very sweet and loving cat. He has settled into our home and has established a fine little routine of napping under the couch, grooming by the fireplace, and lounging on the dining room chairs. Every day he seems to grow a little more confident in his new surroundings. And in the spirit of his predecessor Elvis, Maurice is even gaining a little weight.

Best regards,

Nathan and Jackie

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