Third Chance Pet Adoption Program

Orange County, CA Pet Adoption

Lucky’s Success Story

When I went to the Irvine Animal Shelter, I looked at many dogs….but I just was not really connecting very well with any of them. I had recently lost my beloved Papillion of fifteen years, and my heart was feeling very broken.

But then, I came upon a very wistful, intelligent and sensitive looking dog, with the “Third Chance” sign. He had no hair above his nose, he did not bark or hop up to get my attention when I went past his cage. He just looked up at me with a soft gaze and then he walked away. I thought to myself, “I think no-one will want him because he has no hair above his nose”, so i asked to see him. At that time, his name was “snuggle” and he was a beautiful snuggler. He seemed so smart and affectionate and playful. It was love at first sight.

I renamed him Lucky, and I have adored him from the moment he came into my life. Wanting to know more about my darling Lucky, I traced him back to his first shelter in the desert, in California City. I actually spoke with the animal patrol officer who first found him. She told me she would never forget Lucky, because a police officer had found him stuffed in the bottom of a garbage can. She said that he was so badly abused, that California City actually paid for him to go to a veterinary hospital for three months, to get better. From there, he was put in a shelter, and then he went to the Carson shelter. On Christmas eve, he was brought down to Irvine Shelter and on his record it said that when he arrived he was “filthy and matted.” While in the Carson shelter, he developed kennel cough and giardia.

Poor Lucky, he was only two and he had been put in the bottom of a garbage can, then was in a hospital for three months, and then placed in three shelters. Then he arrived, filthy and matted and with giardia and kennel cough. What a horrible life for a little dear dog.

But not for long!!!!!!!!!! Now, Lucky is on easy street!!!! He is the center of my existence! He is smart, friendly, funny and devoted as could be! He goes everywhere with me. In the morning, he opens my closet and puts my shoes at the front door! He knows how to open a car seat! He is so smart, I cannot believe it!!!! Lucky has given me a new lease on life. I love him so much.

Please, give a “Third Chance dogs” a chance! and you too, can have a devoted and wonderful “Lucky” of your own! Well, there is really only one “Lucky,” but you will find a love of your very own!!!!!

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