Third Chance Pet Adoption Program

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Jed’s Success Story

Jed lived with a family that had small children and other dogs until he was five to six months old. At that time, his original family gave him up and placed him in a shelter. After three or four weeks Irvine rescued him and he spent another ten days there. He had giardia and was not yet house broken. He looked so distressed on the website picture that my husband and I had crossed him off of the list of dogs we wanted to see. We thought he looked crazy. The day we went to the Irvine Care Center we looked at so many beautiful dogs and were not thinking of looking at Jed at all. He, however, was determined to change our minds. Every time we passed his cage, Jed jumped two feet in the air. He is really a great jumper and because of his enthusiasm, we decided to meet him. Once he was out of his cage, he had our hearts. He is the sweetest and most affectionate dog and his enthusiasm is infectious.

It took us two weeks of hard work and frustration to train Jed not to go in the house. In the meantime, he ruined a carpet and a couch. He is such a wonderful dog that we did not care. He has such a sensitive face. He likes to snuggle. He finds a way to squeeze himself into my reading chair when I’m reading and he loves to go to the park and play with all of his dog and people friends. Jed is loved everywhere he goes. He keeps me laughing and reminds me how exciting a simple walk can be. I love how much he loves to catch a ball on the first bounce, the little dance he does when I come home, and the way he runs and jumps without a care in the world. I am so happy that Irvine rescued him, so happy to have him in my home and by my side, and so happy that after spending more than a month in different shelters that Jed is still such an affectionate and loving dog.

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