Featured Video: IVS says ‘no’ to painful spays!

We have something new to offer my female dog friends everywhere! At IVS we are now offering ‘pain free’ spays!

Just this last September on of my favorite Vets at IVS, Dr. Lara Ashbran learned to do a new procedure – laparoscopy.

A Laparoscopy surgery technique is a cool new way to spay us girls so that we are up and around soon after surgery. The procedure is less painful due to a smaller incision, less hemorrhaging, and the result is a MUCH shorter recovery time.

How short? Meet Pepper! She was just recently ‘lap-spayed’ at IVS. We snapped these pictures of her just a few hours post op-and then 24 hours later!

Want to do me a favor? Stop by and tell my favorite Vets how much you love them for trying to make the pain go away! Or-drop me an e-mail at lizzie@irvinevetservices.com!

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