Outdoors is the place to be this May in OC!

My favorite time of year has finally come around!

This May in Orange County is the best we have seen in 4 years! Recent rains and cooler temperatures bring out the great beauty we have all come to love about Southern California!

Best places to take your favorite canine for a hike? When was the last time you visited Crystal Cove State Park? The sunrises are spectacular only to be outdone by the sunsets! There are so many great hiking trails! My next favorite is the Laguna Coast Wilderness Park trail. When in the area do not miss the Laguna Beach tidepools!

Just up Pbest veterinarian near meCH take a day to explore Huntington Beach Pier! Explore the wide pristine beaches-

Best place for the whole family? Balboa Island is buzzing this time of year.

Wherever you go with friends and family-don’t forget to protect your canine family members. We talk again about the importance of Heartworm protection in our newsletter-read all about our special offer this May-for just $143.90-buys you great preventive care for renewing heartworm all year protection for your special friend and an annual health screen.

Have fun this May and be safe!

Love and kisses from me Lizzie!

Heartworm Testing and Wellness Screens Go Hand-in-Hand

In most cases, Heartworm Disease does not show signs in your dog in early stages. For this reason, IVS recommends an annual Wellness Panel combined with a Heartworm Test for only $143.90.

If your pet is not on heartworm prevention consistently, it is even more important to be tested. A Heartworm Test is nothing more than a quick blood test. We recommend doing this test combined with a Wellness Panel for multiple reasons:

  • A Wellness Panel gives your Veterinarian a baseline for organ function and overall health of your pet. What’s better than the confirmation of knowing all is good!
  • The sooner Heartworm Disease is detected, the better the outcome of treatment.
  • It’s a cost-effective option that gives you and your Veterinarian a wealth of great information about your pet. Everyone loves a little savings!
  • We only need to draw blood once on your pet. As I tell my kids – One poke and all done! Then they get a treat!
  • It’s only $37.85 more to have the Wellness Panel AND Heartworm Test together. Whoa!!! It’s true!
  • Lastly, get your test now and have a worry-free summer travel season with your dog! Best summer ever!

We want you to have a long and happy life with your dog and we can’t say it enough – this means prevention. Preventive for fleas, ticks, heartworms, annual labwork, having a GFAST (quick 5-minute ultrasound of the heart and abdomen) are all things that we recommend at IVS to achieve the goal of longevity and health with your best fur friend.

Take those trips cross country, up north or anywhere! Just keep your dog (and cat) on prevention and have them tested yearly with our Wellness and Heartworm Panel! Schedule your appointment today!


Traveling with your pet? How to Pack for Your Special Pet!

We love to bring our pets everywhere with us, don’t we? I know if I could have my cats sitting with me, hiking with me, lounging on the beach, I would. Some of this they do! We thought it would be helpful to know what to bring with you on vacation and some ideas to put together an emergency kit flexible enough to bring on a day hike.

Taking your pet by car

Packing for your pet for travel can be easy! Here’s a quick checklist to be sure you have the important things.


Packing Your Pet for Travel

  • Your pet’s food, water and bowls
  • Leash, harness, collar and identification tags
  • Necessary medications
  • Keep a current photo of your pet with you
  • Your pet’s carrier
  • Make sure your pet is microchipped and their registration is active and up-to-date

Here’s the why behind the checklist:

  • We highly recommend the identification tags have at the very least your most current phone number and if possible your veterinarian name and number.
  • Microchipping your pet is a necessity. If your pet gets lost, there are universal microchip scanners that will be able to pick up your pet’s chip number.
  • Having their registration active and current ensures that you will be contacted when your pet is found.
  • Having a photo allows you to have a picture identification for your pet for making flyers, showing around if needed and assisting in reporting if missing.

Of course, we don’t want nor expect anything to happen, but it is always better to be prepared.

Keeping a first aid kit on you for travel, hikes, beach trips, long walks, etc. is always a good idea. What do you think you’d put in there?

Now, you can certainly purchase a premade one online, but here’s what we recommend at IVS:

Create an Emergency Kit

  • Bandages (gauze pads, rolled gauze, tape)
  • A pair of small scissors and tweezers
  • Sterile saline eye wash in case your pet gets anything in their eyes
  • Water (not just for drinking) to wash wounds, irritants, cool an overheated pet
  • Extra treats for positive reinforcement if you do have to touch an injury
  • An extra leash/collar in case theirs breaks or gets lost
    • Contact Information for:
      – Your Veterinarian
      – Pet Poison Helpline 1-855-213-6680 (iPhone also has an app)
      – Your pet’s rabies tag number
      – Your pet’s microchip number and company

Looking for pet friendly places to go and things to do in the OC? Check out http://www.ocdogfriendly.com/ and http://traveltips.usatoday.com/things-dogs-orange-county-california-55868.html.

Vethical Products are the way to go!

Now that your annual Wellness and Heartworm testing is up-to-date, we recommend products to keep your pet protected all year. We have recently launched Vethical – products made by the same manufacturer of the products you have come to trust, with the same active ingredients, but available at a lower cost.

ComboGuard is our recommended replacement for Trifexis. It’s a chew tab for dogs that provides protection against flea control, heartworm prevention and control/prevention of intestinal parasites (hookworm, roundworm, whipworm).

Paradyne is our recommended replacement for Revolution. This is a topical for cats and dogs that controls fleas, is a heartworm preventive and is used for the treatment of ear mites.

These are available online or in our practices.

Stay tuned for next month when we talk about the new skin products also available through Vethical.



2018 Super Pet Adoption

The Irvine Animal Care Center will host its 12th annual Super Pet Adoption 10am-3pm on Sunday, June 3rd. There will be a large number of vendors there. Including Irvine Veterinary Services with our Low-Cost Microchips, Ask the Vet and so much more!

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