October 2017: Fun Things We Do In Fall

Ulysses the dog in a monster costume for Halloween

Wishing you a wonderful fall season!

Happy October to my special canine and feline friends!

October is one of my favorite months because the weather is cooler and I get to take LONG and SLOW walks on Hicks Canyon trail with my Dad on his days off.

This is also the time of year when everything SMELLS different! Some of my favorite people that live on our street just put out pumpkins for us to smell when we walk by in the mornings. On weekend mornings I smell wood burning…aahhh, the smells of October are finally here!

At IVS we love October too because this is the month we try to make everyone understand just how important dentistry is for a pets’ health. With the Holidays coming soon, now is a great time to think about getting the basics scheduled for your pets well care program.

So why do we love Halloween at our house? We love to answer the door and see all the wonderful costumes! Anyone visiting our house gets the ‘full treatment’ of happy dogs barking and a meowing cat!!!

Why else?? I am NOT supposed to have chocolate or any candy so that’s ‘off limits’ at my house. But my Dad LOVES candy! Makes him happy! We love to see Dad happy!

Be sure to be careful out there ‘trick or treating’. Please make sure to keep your favorite feline indoors because it’s important for cats ‘especially’ not be seen on this special ‘spooky’ holiday.

Happy Halloween!!!

Hugs and kisses from me-Lizzie!

Lizzie the dog next to Halloween decorations

Happy Halloween! 

We thought it would be fun to see what our staff likes to do with their pets as the weather cools off and the tourist areas get less crowded. We had an overwhelming response for dressing up for Halloween. And because we can’t just show you photos (we could but that would be unlike us), please keep in mind the following safety tips:

  • Candy is great for us (maybe not our waistline) – but not so much for your pet. Keep candy out of reach.
  • Be careful with decoration to keep small parts, wires, etc. out of reach.
  • We all love seeing our pets dressed up in costume. If it stresses them out though, please don’t do it.
  • Most importantly, keep your pet in an area where they are calm and keep their identification on them.

Now enjoy some lovely Halloween photos from our staff!

Collage of five dogs in Halloween costumes

Look at those great smiles! Come in today for your free Kissability Test with one our technicians! We want to be sure your pets have the best, whitest smiles they can! Dental care (teeth brushing, regular check-ups and cleanings) is important to your pet’s overall health and well-being!

More Fall Fun!

Fall in Orange County brings a lot of different weather from cool evenings to hot, sunny days!

Dolly enjoys taking a swim in her pool on warm fall days while Heather (Practice Manager at University Park) washes her car.

Heather with her dog Dolly in a wading pool

Dr. Pascucci, Medical Director at University Park, and Leo go on long hikes with family and friends.

Dr. Pascucci and her dog Leo on a hike next to a lake

Dr. Pascucci, University Park Medical Director, and Leo enjoy taking long hikes with family and friends.

Dr. Pascucci and her dog Leo on a hike next to a stream

Cathie, RVT at University Park, also enjoys hiking with her best friend Jessie.

Tiffany and her dog Oscar taking a nap together

Tiffany, Receptionist at University Park, enjoys cuddles, naps and reading a good book with her baby, Oscar.

Nova the dog at the beach with a sandy muzzle

Northpark Lead Receptionist, Kristianna, and Nova love to spend cloudy days outside, and they’re learning to love the beach! Nova loves chasing other dogs around and embracing her inner terrier. Kristianna hopes to get her to love the water as much as she does.

Hope you are doing the things you love to do in fall! If not, make time today! Make sure you pet is on flea, tick and heartworm prevention as well as up-to-date on vaccines if they’re going to be enjoying the great outdoors.

Need an appointment to update labwork, vaccines or get a new prescription for your flea, tick and heartworm meds, call us today!


Whalters BatWalther the Cat

Who wore it better?

Black face markings and pointy ears?? Lead Technician’s Chris’ cat Walther or this hanging bat (aka Indian Flying Fox)?

It’s no big surprise to see Glenda, University Park Groomer, out and about on cool days with all her fur friends bundled up and enjoying long walks and cuddles.

Glenda the dog groomer sitting on a dirt berm with five dogs arranged sitting around her


This is the time of year that your pets with double-coats start to shed. Be sure to schedule your deshedding appointment with Glenda! She’s a pro at removing that extra, flay-around your house, fur!

Two Veterinarians with two dogs. With a caption reading Open 7 days a week! Drop offs welcome!

Did you know that we are open 7 days a week which included morning and evening hours?

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Both practices accept Emergency and Walk-In appointments daily.

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