November 2014 News & Views: Have You Made Your Boarding Reservation Yet?

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So….what makes people in my house excited and crazy?? Well of course it is the anticipation of the Holidays!

lizzie-close-upThanksgiving IS #1, BECAUSE IT’S all about food!

We dogs and cats LOVE the special smells on Thanksgiving Day. Sometimes our humans leave us behind and pack those suitcases and we are SAD. That’s the time all of us at IVS work hard to make sure boarding pets feel welcome, safe and loved.

Learn all about our boarding services and how everyone at IVS makes sure my friends are healthy and happy on the Holidays in our newsletter below.

Other times Thanksgiving is celebrated in our very own HOME and that’s the best time because the SMELLS are the BEST!!

But of course Thanksgiving brings STRANGERS to our house (relatives we do not know or remember from last year?) So I ask all my friends this time of year to be PATIENT with our humans because they are stressed and happy all at once! Don’t feel left out! Just e-mail me and I will remind you that your humans love you very much!

My feline fans ask that our humans take care to make sure we feel safe and allow us to hide when we are ‘surprised’ by ‘new people’. Make sure that guests are respectful and do not leave doors and windows open because we might escape and get lost!

So what is the MOST important lesson to learn? Please special humans make sure this Holiday is safe for us. Make sure that we are not fed the WRONG foods and that if we do share a treat that it NOT in excess. Read all about foods to watch out for in our newsletter below.

From my house and from all of us at IVS-we wish you much love and special thoughts as you celebrate this Thanksgiving!

Love and kisses from me, Lizzie!

Lizzie says Happy Thanksgiving and be safe…

lizzie-tongueAs we gather around, on or under the table to enjoy Thanksgiving with our human companions, I ask that you keep the following safety tips in mind.

Tip #1 – Turkey is a great, yummy treat so a little bit is fine. Stay away from that fatty skin and those brittle bones though.

Tip #2 – I don’t want you to end up with gastric discomfort (belly ache and bloating) or anemia so stay away from onions, garlic, leeks, shallots and chives in any form! Ouch!

Tip #3 – There are lots of vegetables you can eat like string beans, mashed potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, sweet potato and pumpkin. Oh my! Where’s my bowl?

Tip #4 – Cranberry sauce is a tasty treat to end a meal, but only a little bit because it’s high in sugar.

Tip #5 – Leave those baked goods (raw and cooked) to the humans! They’re not good for our waistlines anyway.

Lastly, remember, everything in moderation. Any changes in diets can increase our risk for tummy upset like vomiting, diarrhea or worse – pancreatitis. We want happy bellies at Thanksgiving and all year round!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love and kisses from me, Lizzie!


20% off Pet Bathing Services*

The season of giving is upon us and IVS is taking 20% off pet bathing services during your pet(s)*boarding stay during November and December.


Make your reservation today!

IVS is Teaming Up with Irvine Animal Care Center’s Third Chance Pet Adoption

Irvine Veterinary Services is teaming up with Irvine Animal Care Center to donate $1.00 for every night of boarding at IVS to their Third Chance Pet Adoption. The Third Chance program transfers animals from overcrowded Southern California shelters where they may have limited chances for adoption, and brings them to the Shelter for a chance at finding their forever home. Since these animals come from outside of Irvine, their care is funded entirely through donations.

third chance pet adoption

For more ways to help go to

Lizzie thinks IVS is great for boarding during the holidays

Lizzie-and-Dr-ColeLizzie knows how hard it is to be away from your family pet during the holiday season when you need to travel. That’s why she recommends coming to IVS where both our facilities have onsite monitoring with a veterinarian and technicians.

IVS has a separate boarding area for cats and dogs which reduces stress during their stay.

Lizzie and IVS support your pet’s medical needs so we will administer medication if they need it.

You all know Lizzie is a large supporter of proper nutrition. IVS is too. We will work with you to ensure your pet is receiving their special dietary needs. At least two daily activity sessions are provided as well!

buddybathThe best part – you know us! You can rest assured that your family pet is in the best of hands!

Please contact our office to schedule your reservations now. And while you’re at it, book a bathing treatment for 20% off this November and December.


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