May 2014 News & Views: Exercise – What we dogs need more than anything!!!

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Happy May to all my friends!!

dreamstime_two-dogs-playing-in-the-grassAre we lucky or what, living here in Southern California! We have beautiful weather, and here in Orange County we have great trails, green belts and beaches close by!

In Irvine there are safe places to walk and run. Each morning early and in the evenings I go for walks with my bros.

Why is moving sooo important? The biggest problems we hear about at IVS are dogs that don’t get enough exercise. Dogs need outlets so that we can burn off excess energy. We hear about dogs that bark, chew, dig and do BIG damage because they are not exercised enough. Even senior dogs need to MOVE!! Keeps extra weight off and keeps our hips strong and healthy as we age.

So what’s the best way to keep us busy???

  1. Find us a playmate! Add a second dog to our house or find a friend in the neighborhood!
  2. Doggy Day care. Ask us about places that provide day care that we recommend.
  3. Hire a walker for mid-day breaks if you are not able to get home for us.(ask us about walkers we recommend)
  4. Sign us up for agility training (Our resident trainer Staci Lemke has great resources for agility classes locally).
  5. Do you have a pooch that is reluctant to move?? Ask us about mobility issues that prevent dogs from exercising. Whether young or old exercise keeps us healthy. Check out this article below on laser therapy.

Love and kisses from me Lizzie!

What to ‘Do’ When Moving hurts! Laser Therapy Works!!

Easter-Break-and-Lizzies-Laser-016-(2)Just last month one of our Vets at IVS noticed that I was ‘hopping’ in the hallway at work. I didn’t think much about it but when my Dad looked at my footpads it hurt my hip. Radiographs showed that both of my hips looked ‘worn out’. So, what to do? I may need hip surgery sometime soon! But in the meantime I am getting laser therapy! Wow! What a cool way to get rid of the pain and make we feel better! Check out this great picture of me and my buddy Chris Tanaka getting me ‘lasered’. I get this treatment once a week and it has made me feel wonderful relieving my ‘hopping’. Want to learn more about laser? Visit our website!

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Heartworm Prevention: As easy as a monthly pill or topical!

lizzies-blog-for-may-042Every year, about this time, we remind you that heartworm disease in dogs and cats is a risk. Heartworm disease can be easily avoided by feeding your pet a monthly pill or applying a topical treatment on the coat. Most products treat not only heartworm but also protect against fleas and many internal parasites. (see last month’s newsletter on parasites).

Heartworm disease is VERY expensive to treat in dogs and cats. While the disease can be diagnosed in dogs through a blood test, the disease cannot be easily diagnosed in cats.

What to know:

  1. While Orange County risk is low as compared to other regions of the US, San Bernardino and Imperial County areas have a higher risk of infection. People and pets travel. At IVS we have treated several pets that have relocated to Orange County. Each year we see more positive cases. Compared with the expense and risk of treatment year round prevention is safe and cost effective.
  2. Make sure you choose a product recommended by your Veterinarian. Visit the CAPC website for more details

Meet My Friend Pamela and Angel!!!

At IVS we love stories about special people that love animals!

A special IVS client and wonderful person, Pamela Laun was searching online and came across a plea to help save a one year old German Shepherd, found 4 days prior on the streets, picked up by a local shelter. The dog had severe skin disease and was going to be put down if no one stepped up to help. Pamela and friend Brandon took action and called the German Shepherd rescue and brought ‘Angel’ into IVS for treatment.

She was very malnourished and had hair loss and painful bleeding sores over 40% of her body. She was diagnosed by Dr. Oakley with generalized demodectic mange and severe bacterial infection. She was started on oral and topical medications and therapeutic baths. Dr. Oakley says she is responding very well to treatment but it will take several months for her to fully regain her health. Angel is SOOOO sweet! She is so lucky to have such dedicated foster parents!


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