March 2015 Pet News & Vet Views: March Madness’ Values for her Friends at IVS!

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Lizzie’s ‘March Madness’ Values for her Friends at IVS!

Happy March everyone!

My canine and feline friends are getting the message that spring is coming fast!

I am glad to be a dog in southern California! Snow is fun but it is soooo cold in the east! Sending my friends in the northeast my best wishes for an early spring.

Warmer temperatures mean parasite season will be earlier this year. It’s time to order flea, tick, and heartworm products to keep us safe and parasite free. At IVS we have special savings for parasite products!

Great pricing on heartworm testing!

Only $59.00! This test is offered to our clients at a special price this month.
All your favorite flea, tick, and heartworm products can be ordered from our on-line store and delivered right to your door at a special savings! Need them NOW? We stock them in-hospital for your convenience! Check out the article below on our IVS Vets recommendations and on-line store values for flea, tick, and heartworm control products. Let us help you select the best product for your pet.

10% off pet dentals in March for my special feline friends!

During March take advantage of our savings on feline dentals. To assure anesthetic safety at IVS we require a pre-dental blood screen. This screen costs just $69.00 and is a comprehensive screen that gives our Vets confidence that the dental procedure will be safe for your pet. Check out our professional dental video here.

Sign-up for our FREE Kissability Test and take 10% off pet dentals in March!

If you still have not come in for your FREE Kissability test now is the time! Those clients that bring their pet in for this complimentary dental exam in March, and need dentals, will be entitled to take 10% off their dental procedure. How cool is that???

Drop-off pet exams for busy clients, priced at $47.00!

Did you know that drop-off exams at IVS are priced especially for our busy clients that have no time to schedule appointments during the day? IVS is open from 7:00am to 8:00pm on weekdays, and from 7:00am to 6:00pm on weekends. This convenient service permits our Vets and Techs to examine your pet and call you later with results and recommendations. We treat your pet while you are at work or play; and review the results, treatments, and next steps with you at release. Let us make pet health care easy for you and your pet!

Everyday Values for our boarding guests!

At IVS our boarding rates begin at $30.00 per night. This rate is a great value because we do SO much to assure that our guests are happy and healthy. Each dog is walked twice outside daily with their own human to evaluate health, assuring each pet is eliminating properly and receiving individual attention. Each pet receives a complete exam by a Vet/Tech at admittance and again at release. In our kennel we feed ONLY Science Diet unless pets are admitted with special diet direction from their owners. Our feline guests are housed in a special feline suite with great views and an open air atrium. Check out our special boarding page here.

Pet baths priced at 25% off for our boarding guests!

Planning a spring break get-away?
Give us a call and reserve space! IVS does not charge a higher rate for Holidays!
Get ready for Spring! We would love to see you at either of our locations!


Orange County Pet Vets

Love and Kisses from me,


It's March at Irvine Vet Services

It’s March at Irvine Vet Services


What to look for when scheduling a pet for a dental by Dr. Audrey Hoholm

Why do we recommend dentals? Because just like with humans, our pets get plaque buildup. This progression of disease is called periodontal disease and will eventually progress to a point where the damage is irreversible. Routine dental cleanings are vitally important to head off this damage by allowing us a chance to evaluate the mouth fully under anesthesia.

How often does a cat or dog need a dental? It depends on the pet and the situation. Some pets need dentals every 6-12 months. Some can go several years. Genetics and home dental care can all affect this. More about pet dental exams

What should you look for when considering a dental for your pet?

  • Be sure that you find a clinic that will best meet your pet’s needs with a pre-anesthetic examination and blood work to be sure there are no reasons anesthesia cannot be tolerated. At IVS, for the month of March, this blood work is only $69.00.
  • An intravenous catheter should be placed to allow administration of intravenous fluids and necessary medications.
  • Full mouth x-rays are recommended to ascertain the health of the structures not visible to the naked eye.
  • The same anesthetic monitoring that a person would expect for themselves under anesthesia is recommended for pets (ECG, heart rate, respiratory rate, blood pressure, end-tidal CO2, temperature, and pulse oximetry are vital) with a dedicated technician whose only job is to monitor the patient under anesthesia and not multi-task.
  • If any teeth need to be extracted, x-rays should be taken afterwards to be sure no root fragments remain, as these can cause infections and problems in the future.
  • Appropriate pain management should always be instituted, from local nerve blocks to pain medications to go home any time a procedure could cause any pain or discomfort.

At IVS we follow AAHA guidelines for dentals which include all of the above with a side of love.

For March, IVS is continuing our offer for 10% off Feline Dentals PLUS anyone who comes in for a FREE Kissability Test and books a dental will also receive 10% off that dental. Schedule today using our online form!

Pet Dental Exams in Orange County, CA

(Dr. Hoholm and technician Tephanie performing a dental)

Macaron has a dental

Macaron came to see Dr. Pascucci for exam of a swollen lip in August 2014. On physical exam, Macaron had significant gingivitis throughout all four quadrants and increased dental calculus, or tartar, on his upper back teeth and lower molars. During his dental in January, the areas with the most calculus had gingival recession, where the gum line is pushed back exposing some of the tooth root and causing discomfort. He also had deep pockets in these areas. If left unchecked and not cleaned, these areas would continue to accumulate food particles and bacteria, leading to tooth loss.

We feared he may need multiple teeth extractions due to the periodontal disease but are happy to report he mostly needed a deep cleaning in the affected areas. One upper molar was beyond our help and due to the inflammation and infection the tooth was mobile and had to be extracted. We hope that with regular brushing and monitoring we can maintain his good oral health.

On recheck exam 2 weeks later, Macaron looked great and appeared more comfortable and happy.

After he had the dental care, we finally understand how much pain Macaron was in before. He has been eating better, grooming more often, and playful all the time. He looks like when we met him for the first time five years ago — full of energy with great curiosity. We are glad to see him busy playing with us again. Of course, he doesn’t look tired anymore. We would have had him the treatment earlier if we had known that it’s not only for his dental health, but also for his well-being. We are very satisfied with the result.

Happy Cats at IVS


Jakson and his quest to be Fit for Life

Jakson Haskell
Jakson came to us on January 21, 2015 for his first Fit for Life exam. He was weighed in, given his Metabolic diet and feeding instructions the before photos below. Incorporating small changes like diet and added exercise, Jakson has had an overall weigh reduction of 3 pounds so far. Randy and Krista decided to put their fur-baby on Fit for Life because “we love our little guy like he is our child and we want him to be healthy and happy for as long as we can possibly keep him around!!!!!!

Randy surprised Krista and brought Jakson home at a time when she needed him most. Jakson is now Krista’s little therapy dog. “Still to this day, when I get anxiety I just cuddle with Jakson and everything seems to feel just fine. So although he is not a “certified” therapy dog, he is MY therapy dog 🙂

Follow Jakson’s progress on our Facebook page. Fit for Life exams are FREE and offered all year round. Stop in for your pet’s today! Anyone who joins our Fit for Life Campaign will receive 20% off the Metabolic Diet for the remainder of the year.

Jakson Fit For Life

Meet Tin Tin! IACC’s ‘Superstar’ for March!

All six pounds of Tin Tin are full of love and lovability! He is a 10 year old, neutered male, tan Poodle – Miniature and Lhasa Apso mix who looks like a little stuffed toy. He is full of a touch of spunk and a ton of spirit. Found as a stray with eyesight not as good as it used to be, Tin Tin has a good nature and a lot of soul. As an older animal, Tin Tin is part of our Seniors Helping Seniors program, allowing those aged 62 and older to adopt a senior animal free of charge!

Tin Tin Fit for Life


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