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Swollen Ears that ‘itch’ and hurt! What can our humans do to help??

Everybody that loves me knows that my ears are really tender most of the time. It’s just not fair but my ears need constant attention! Turns out I have unusually small ear canals.

I love it when my humans touch me and pet me, but sometimes I avoid those ‘pets’ cause my ears are painful and swollen. That’s when my human friends know that it’s time to treat my ears and make them feel better. For me-I have lots of allergies because I’m a Brussels Griffon.

Since I was a pup my ‘inside’ ear would swell up because I’m allergic to lots of things outside and some diet products. I get regular ear infections so my Mom and Dad, with help from my ‘favorite’ groomers and bathers at IVS-UP-work hard to keep my ears clean and free of hair that sometimes traps wax and debris and so causes infections. Dr. Keng says that I do not need to clean and treat my ears everyday but once a week is a good idea. And she says to treat ONLY when they get irritated. ALL OUR VETS AT IVS SEE TOO MANY HUMANS THAT TREAT THEIR PETS EARS TOO MUCH AND USE THE WRONG MEDICINE!

Lots of humans use ointments and lotions that are WRONG for our ears. Sometimes humans that care use the wrong medication and ointments that may have worked in the past-but can no longer help.

What is the answer for problem ears? First! Bring us in RIGHT AWAY before damage to the ear canal is permanent or chronic.

  1. Get your favorite Vet to do an ear exam and cytology to find out what ‘bugs’ there are in our ears. Treatment may be really simple and require a good cleaning, or antibiotics may be necessary.
  2. Please know that lack of aggressive treatment or consistent follow-up MAY cause REALLY BAD THINGS!
  3.  Untreated ears whether external or internal can result in hearing loss and difficulties with balance. Sometimes dogs and cats have pain just trying to open their mouths!
  4. Did you know that ear problems are the #2 reason humans and their pets come to see us? Itchy bad skin is #1!

Need some special ear help?

WE HAVE SOMETHING NEW AT IVS! Check out the cool new way to see in our ears using video otoscopy!

Just two weeks ago my friend Bruno came in for an ear otoscopy. With the use of the video otoscope, Dr’s Keng and Pascucci viewed the inside of the ear canal. They found lots of wax and other debris and were able to irrigate the ear and flush out the wax that normal cleaning just could not do. Sometimes our Vets find foreign objects like foxtails and other debris that can create irritation and infection.

What’s great about the video otoscopy? There are some chronic ear problems that we can finally ‘fix’.

Give us a call if you are ‘sick and tired’ of ‘itchy,’ ‘painful’ ears!

Love and kisses from me, Lizzie!

Meet the IVS Groomers

Michelle Gardiner

How many years have you been grooming? 24 years
What is your favorite cut? I love them all but I especially love all of the ‘pattern’ breed trims (i.e. Schnauzers & Cockers). The result is so defined and clean. I also enjoy the creativity of alternate breed cuts like Goldens & Aussies.

Why did you choose grooming as your career choice? While studying at CSULB with a major in psychology, I got a part-time job at a grooming shop as a bather. I fell in love with the animal environment immediately and the rest is history.

What is your favorite thing about grooming? I love to see the happiness in the dogs when they know they are clean and pretty. Their joy really comes through. I also love the close one on one time with each special little guy – there is a bond that is formed that I wouldn’t trade for anything.

Diane Taylor

How many years have you been grooming? August of this year it will be 41 years.
What is your favorite breed to cut? I love Shih Tzus!!! Everything about them, the look, the personality, the quirkiness, they are just fun. Wheatons are creeping up the list fast.

Do you prefer scissors or razor? Why? We actually scissor everything but the clippers do expedite the process.

Dana Dunham

How many years have you been grooming? 25 years
What is your favorite cut? I love doing Schnauzer cuts on different breeds or short puppy cuts.

Why did you choose grooming as your career choice? Love working with animals.

What is your favorite thing about grooming? Working with different breeds and every day is different and challenging.

Danielle Robitshek

How many years have you been grooming? 5 years
What is your favorite cut? I love doing Schnauzer cuts. They always look so clean and sophisticated.

What is your hardest cut? The hardest cut is grooming a puppy. I love them and they are so cute and innocent, but they have no idea what is going on and most are scared. It makes me feel bad, but I also love being the first to groom a puppy, so I can make the experience as pleasant as possible with love and lot of treats!

IVS Supports the Irvine Animal Care Center at the 7th Annual “Super Pet Adoption Event”

IVS was proud to support the Irvine Animal Care Center (IACC) “Super Pet Adoption Event” held Sunday, June 2nd. During the event, IVS hosted an ‘Ask the Vet’ and discounted microchip booth. Thank you to everyone that stopped by to say hi and make donations towards the shelter. We are pleased to announce 262 animals found homes that Sunday!

We would also like to thank all  IVS employees that donated their time  to work the event. IVS helped raise over $500 for the IACC during the June event! Thanks to all our clients that come out to support us each year!

If you were unable to attend, please save the date for their next IACC  adoption event – Home for the Holidays – in December.

Available For Adoption!!

Currently at IVS – University Park, we have four adorable dogs ready for adoption. Each one is precious in their own way and just needs that special someone to open their home and heart to them!

Check out a video of them all playing here.

For more information , please check out our posting on Facebook.

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