July 2014 News & Views: Bathing, Boarding & Grooming

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Why I Love My Friend, Liza!

Do you ever run from someone you love?

I do, all the time! My Dad is ALWAYS calling my name because I am slow to come when he calls. I HAVE NEVER LIKED FOLKS TELLING ME WHAT TO DO!

I am, after all, a Brussels Griffon. We are Terriers, and we are VERY independent.

Take a good look at this beautiful picture of me and my good friend Liza, our Lead Kennel Attendant at IVS-UP. She is in charge of my near weekly bath at IVS. I have itchy skin so frequent baths are important for me. So…why do I run? For no good reason!

When Liza baths me, I love it! She brushes my hair gently and checks my coat for tangles–especially around my face and ears. I get a GREAT massage with special shampoo. She is gentle for my ear cleaning, my nail trim and my blow-dry. So why do I run???

It’s a game don’t you know? Liza and I BOTH win, because we have fun! At IVS, they LOVE to bathe pets! Dogs and even CATS love them because they are SOOO good at it! Best part is that they bathe pets EVERY DAY of the week!

Give them a call, and I promise your favorite pet will have fun!

Love and kisses from me,






How Often Should you Bathe your Pet?

Did you know that bad, itchy skin is the #1 problem pets get seen by their veterinarian? Just like their human counterparts, when pets are afflicted with even seemingly minor ailments such as an ear infection, skin allergies, skin infection or skin growth, it can prompt a visit to the doctor. Part of being a responsible pet owner is ensuring that your furry friend is healthy, happy and clean. Bathing your pet not only restores the coat’s luster, but also washes away dirt, mites and other irritants harmful to your pet’s skin.

So, how often should you bathe your pet?

The rule of thumb is that ‘most’ dogs need a bath about every four to six weeks, depending widely by breed. Generally, the longer the hair, the more frequently baths are required. Use your own judgment…When your pet is visibly dirty or begins to smell, it is time for a bath! Do not bathe your pet too frequently, as this will dry out the skin and cause itching and irritation.

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What’s included in an IVS Bath?

Your pet is examined for often hard to find growths, skin problems, ear infections or eye irritations.

  • Detangling / dematting is completed prior to your pet’s bath.
  • Ears are cleaned to wipe out debris.
  • Hair is removed from the ear canal, if necessary.
  • Nails are trimmed.
  • Anal sacs are expressed. Should a bather note irritation or swollen glands, a Veterinarian examination is requested.
  • Your pet is shampooed (with an IVS approved shampoo) and rinsed thoroughly twice.
  • Teeth brushing, upon request.
  • A conditioning treatment is applied, upon request.
hand scissor ed pic

Should bathers note possible health care problems, a Veterinarian will examine the pet and contact or advise the owners, if necessary.

Dogs or cats scheduled for a groom are completed at this time. Most of the body work is done with clippers; and all legs, head, and tail are hand scissored!

nail trim pic

bath pic

Special Tips for a Stress-Free Bath or Groom

Take the time to walk your pet just before he/she is admitted.

  • Keep up to date on your pet’s vaccines.
    DOGS: DHP, Parvo, Bordetella, Rabies
    CATS: FVRCP, FELV, Rabies
  • Allow ample time at drop-off in the morning to give our admittance staff careful and thoughtful direction on grooms.
  • If your pet isn’t feeling well, reschedule your appointment for another day!



Available for Adoption!

I am a 2 1/2 year old Chihuahua mix. I am up to date on my vaccines and spayed. I am a bit shy at first, but once I warm up, I’m a total lap dog! I would prefer a quiet home with no children or maybe an older couple? I love to hang out with my people and follow them from room to room. If you are interested in meeting me please call IVS at 949-786-0990.



I’m a 7 or 8 year old male, neutered, Domestic Short Hair. I was a stray that found my way to IVS, and I need a permanent home to call my own. I am FIV + so cannot be with other cats and must be an indoor only cat. I would prefer to be any only child as I don’t like dogs! If you are interested in meeting me please call IVS at 949-786-0990.

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