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Pet health: Is your pet fit or fat?

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Ulysses & Lizzie near Irvine Valley College

Ulysses & Lizzie near Irvine Valley College


Lizzie’s Resolutions for a Happy and Healthy 2015
How can pets & pet owners all be happier and healthier this year?

I know I’m just a dog but I have learned a lot about life in the last eight years. After all I have lots of time to watch my people live their lives. I have noticed that everyone is WAY too busy and that the world is VERY overwhelming to my humans.

What I see is that people are not in touch with themselves and that they are not taking TIME to reflect — to slow down the ‘doing’ and ramp up the ‘living’. We dogs reflect a lot. Just watch how many hours we dog nap or snooze each day! How can my humans be healthy and happy if they are just, DOING, DOING, DOING??

Recently my Mom posted a note for herself: ‘People are like bicycles. They keep their balance as long as they keep moving’. This was a quote from Albert Einstein. I don’t know Mr. Einstein, but I DO know (as a dog) that my humans LOVE and NEED to get out for long walks with me and my brothers. This is good for my humans and good for us canines.

So…what’s one of my New Year’s resolutions? To find a way to get my humans to ‘move’ more (it’s hard to move when you are in front of a computer or tapping on your smart phone) and ‘breathe’ more, to become healthier mentally and physically! When was the last time you took a deep breath and checked in with yourself?

At IVS each January we offer our clients and patients a FREE ‘Fit for Life” evaluation. This complimentary exam with an IVS Tech, or a Vet provides insight into whether us dogs and cats are ‘fit’ or ‘fat’. This is a great opportunity to evaluate our diet and our fitness level. Why is this SOOO important? Because ‘we’ dogs and cats are meant to help our humans live full and healthy lives! We are sharing the planet with our humans and we are dedicated to making our special humans happy and healthy.

So please make sure that we are healthy too! Join me this January and bring your pet into IVS for a ‘Fit for Life’ evaluation! Check out our ‘Fit for Life’ program detailed in my newsletter below.

Love, licks and kisses from me, Lizzie. May your 2015 be healthy and happy!

Remember to ‘move’ more and ‘breathe’ more!

Orange County, CA Vets: Happy New Year!

Orange County, CA Vets: Happy New Year!


Lizzie asks you to ring in the New Year by joining “Fit for Life”!

Small changes can make a big difference in your life as well as your furry family member. Our Fit for Life program (video) gives you the opportunity to start making changes that you can incorporate into a healthier lifestyle for “Fido”.

Join the “Fit for Life” Campaign by contacting either of our offices. You will receive a free evaluation by a licensed pet Veterinarian or licensed pet Technician, four free weigh-in appointments, a personalized pet feeding plan, and free dry pet food for the duration of the campaign.

So as you make your resolutions to be fitter, include “Fido” in an extra walk, make Veterinarian recommended diet changes and get FIT FOR LIFE!

Lizzie, the Saddleback College track star

Lizzie, the Saddleback College track star

Watch this pet fitness video for more information on

Call now to schedule your free Veterinarian appointment
& see how your pet “measures” up!

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3961 Irvine Blvd.
Irvine, CA  92602

We Like to Move it, Move it!

How do you get your pet moving? Exercise with them! Before starting, keep in mind, the same safety steps that we follow for out pets. If going outdoors, exercise early or later in the day to avoid the heat; supply plenty of water to each pet before, during and after the work-out; and always monitor your pet for heat exhaustion (excessive panting, acting listless, falling over are all signs your pet has had too much. Seek medical attention immediately.)

Now, let’s get moving!

  • Daily walks (even for some cats) are great ways for us all to move. Do interval training to shake things up a bit.
  • Play fetch with your furry friend. If your pet is not a fetcher, perhaps they would enjoy chasing a toy on a string instead.
  • Obstacle courses are great ways to keep things interesting for your pet. For dogs, you can set up an obstacle course using plastic orange cones to run around with you. For cats, encouraging use of a climbing tree or scratching post would be ideal. Do squats while you interact with your cat moving up and down their climber.
  • Swimming is a great on for dogs and you. Low impact exercise will help older, arthritic pets.
  • Play laser chase with your cat as you walk around your home; have them follow the light all around.


Thank you to all who have contributed to the Third Chance Program!

Irvine Veterinary Services had a great time sponsoring the Home for the Holidays Adoption Event last month.

The stats are in! The adoption of 287 animals occurred and $24,000 was raised for IACC as a result of the Home for the Holidays adoption event.

The IVS booth raised $425 in donations for the Third Chance Program at IACC. Way to go for all pet lovers in Orange County’s City of Irvine!

Irvine Animal Care Center (IAC) Third Chance for Pets program

Irvine Animal Care Center Third Chance for Pets program


Our final tally for November boarding nights is 1197 and we still have December’s tally to go! Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to take care of your furry family members and for helping out a great cause! As you know, we are planning on donating a $1.00 to for each boarder night to the Third Chance Program.

Pet Adoption Events in Southern California

Our Facebook followers united to help us raise $1.00 per share for some of the IACC pets needing adoption. We totaled 78 shares for these special babies. Herman was adopted just a day or two later! The following pets are a few that were featured.

Adoption Events

Our first ever pet holiday photo event was a super success! What a wonderful turn out! Thank you for everyone who participated. We raised $722.00 for the Third Chance Program. It was wonderful to see everyone sharing how their photos came out and dogs making friends.



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