January 2014 News & Views: IVS Campaigns for a Healthier New Year!

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Join Lizzies ‘Fun Fitness Campaign’ for a healthy 2014!

Attention all my favorite humans, canines and felines! Happy New Year!

It’s time to move away from all our Holiday ‘bad habits’ by discovering fun ways to move more, and ‘eat smart’ in the New Year.

At IVS we have LOTS of tools to help you get started and keep you motivated!!!

Let’s get started with the Best idea ever! Call us at either of our locations in Irvine to Schedule a FREE ‘Fit for Life’ Evaluation with any IVS Vet or Tech to get you started!! Enroll your pet in our ‘Fun Fitness Campaign’ and receive 4 free weigh-in appointments, a personalized feeding plan, and free dry food for the duration of the campaign! Sorry! Offer good ONLY for Lizzies ‘Fun Fitness Campaign’, enrollees.

All enrollees who successfully complete the 8-week program will receive 50% off all Hill’s Maintenance Diet Formula food for the remainder of 2014!

Part of the fun of ‘signing up’ is that we share your progress on our Facebook page each week.

Guess who signed up again this year??? My bro Connor! How about my feline buddies? It’s a family affair, because Grover ‘raised’ his paw’ this year to volunteer.


Check out my video with my friend and ‘fitness’ expert Staci Lemke who evaluated my bro Connor recently.

Don’t miss one of our favorite success stories from last year (read Toby’s story below). We will keep you updated with our new recruits!

Till then, love and kisses from me Lizzie!

Enroll Your Pet Today in Lizzie’s Fun Fitness Campaign!

According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, an estimated 55% of all dogs, and 53% of all cats in the U.S. are either overweight or obese.

Being overweight can lead to all kinds of health issues for our furry companions, such as: diabetes, arthritis, kidney disease, ACL injury, or a shorter life.

It may not sound like much, but just 5 extra pounds for canines, and 2 extra pounds for cats, places them at risk for these serious health issues.

It is estimated that as many as 45% of all pet owners incorrectly identify their pets as being a healthy weight.

All through the month of January and February IVS will be running a free ‘Lizzie’s Fun Fitness Campaign’ to all of those interested in helping their pets get to a healthy weight.

Contact us today at either of our two convenient Irvine locations, to find out more on how your pet can join Lizzie and her campaign for a healthier new year!



Toby’s Great Success Story!

Last year Toby joined IVS in our Fit for Life program, and had great success. Below is a testimonial submitted by Toby’s mom on how great he is doing now!

“Toby is a 13 ½ year old black male lab mix who has been a frequent visitor to Irvine Vet Services, mainly for day boarding! He had gained a bit of weight over the last year or so, and the great doctors at IVS recommended he start on a program of W/D, both the dry and wet food. Within a matter of weeks, Toby had reached his ideal weight of 63 lbs (down from 82 lbs!)! Not only was he fed the W/D regimen, he was also walked more frequently and his treats were limited. He is a healthy, happy dog who people say “does not look 13″! Not only is he more energetic, he has a better chance of a longer life, since the added weight was not good for his heart.”


Meet Dusty!

Dusty1In 2013, Dusty had to finally admit he was indeed too fat! At 26 pounds, he was around 7 pounds overweight. For a dog, it only takes about 5 extra pounds to put the dog at risk for developing serious medical conditions.

He had been slowly putting on weight for a couple of years, and his Vet warned that his weight needed to be closely monitored, especially since Dusty is a Dachshund. You see, dogs with long backs, like Dachshunds, are prone to back problems such as intervertebral disc disease.

One day in February 2013, Dusty couldn’t use his back legs, so off to the neurologist he went; the next day Dusty had surgery on his back. Once recovered from the procedure, it was time to get Dusty on track to weight loss!

He was started on a new diet of Hill’s Metabolic Formula, and treats were significantly cut back. A new walking program was started, since it’s hard for heavy dogs like Dusty to go on long walks, he was taken for several short walks a day.

It’s been a long road, with several plateaus; he lost 3 pounds in one month, but then hovered around 23 pounds for a couple of months. Now, Dusty is 20 pounds! We still have a few pounds to go, but we are on the right track. But for now his life is so much better, he walks around easier than ever, and is more playful than he has been in years.


Irvine Animal Care Center’s December Home for the Holidays Event was a great Success!

The stats are in for the Irvine Animal Care Center’s December Home for the Holidays Event! Over 2,400 people attended the event, and $25,000 was raised for the shelter!

We are excited to report that 232 animals were adopted that day!

Thank you to all who joined us at the event and helped support IACC! Click on the link below to check out a little thank you video we put together.


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