Helping My Special Feline Friends at the Irvine Animal Care Center

OK its official-seems that my feline friends need a SPECIAL helping hand from all of us that love them.

‘Cats enter animal care centers and shelters at a far greater rate than they can find a home’.

That’s the latest from a very cool organization called the CATalyst Council. There are just too many of my homeless friends that are surrendered to animal shelters or are abandoned.

We know that the IACC in Irvine has some very special ‘digs’ for kitties. Did you know that adopting a special feline costs from only $65 to $150? And…when you adopt from the Irvine shelter you get a free Vet visit from IVS!

Have you visited the City of Irvine website lately and clicked on the kitty portraits? Check it out! Follow this link!

If you do, you will find lots of ways to ‘share the love’. Why are cats great??

When you need to cuddle, they are always around.

  1. They make cool sounds when they are happy.
  2. They are very fun to chase (they always win cause they can fly!)
  3. They like to play ball with me!
  4. Sometimes they share food on the counter with me (they like to watch it drop to the ground)
  5. I like to lick their ears-they taste good!

Have something to add to my ‘I love my cat’ list? Tell me about it! E-mail me at

Love and Kisses from me Lizzie-

cat 2 cat 3 Cat 1

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