Happy October to all my friends!

Fall is finally here and as I write my October message to you the air outside is turning crisp and clean.

Have you found your pumpkin yet to carve for Halloween? Each year we shop for pumpkins at our local pumpkin patch on Jeffrey Boulevard, close to the intersection of Irvine Center Drive, in Irvine. Great smells, great fun all around us! Have you shopped for a pumpkin at Tanaka Farms? Another fun place to find your perfect pumpkin-

Each October I encourage my human friends to think about dental care for us dogs and cats. Preventive care for our mouths, to include healthy teeth and gums, is critical for a long and happy life.

This October we are rewarding our ‘Feline Fans’ members and our ‘Preventive Care’ members to save 10% on all dentals at IVS. Check out all the great info below in my blog!!

Not sure we need a dental? Just stop by and see us for a complimentary ‘Kissability test’. Don’t be shy, the test does not hurt!

Wishing you and yours the best ‘pumpkin season’ yet-

Love and kisses from me, Lizzie-

Lizzie paw

Lizzie Talks Dental Discounts for October

Lizzie is excited to share Irvine Veterinary Services great dental discount for the month of October. You can receive 10% off a dental if you meet one of the following criteria –

  • Be or become a Feline Fans Member
  • Participate in any of our Preventive Care Programs for your pet

It’s easy to qualify for your pet’s 10% dental savings. Feline Fans Memberships are activated by bringing your beloved feline in for their annual exam. That’s it. No additional membership fees, no cards to activate, no online accounts to set up. Just bring your cat in. Feline Fans Memberships offer 10% off most services – dentals included! Memberships are valid for 1 year from the date of the exam. Bringing your cat in for their next annual exam renews that membership. In addition to 10% off, you will receive our Feline Fans quarterly newsletter which focuses on topics relevant to you and your cat.

Preventive Care Programs are available for adult (1-6 years old) and senior (7+ years old) cats and dogs. Preventive Care Programs were created for you to bring your pet in for an annual exam, doctor recommended wellness blood work, and core vaccines. On top of that we add a certificate to return in 6-months for a free exam. The reason is our Veterinarians (and the American Veterinary Medical Association) believe that bi-annual visits are important for detecting health changes as soon as possible. This allows for faster treatment and the ability to work together to provide your pet with the happiest, healthiest, and longest life possible.

During the month of October, clients who have their pets on a current Preventive Care Program or  active Feline Fans Members are eligible to receive 10% off a dental. Don’t miss this great opportunity! Schedule your dental today!

Anesthetic versus Non-Anesthetic Dental Cleanings

Let’s talk dentistry. There’s likely not many of us out there that love to go to the dentist although we might love our dentist. The experience of someone scraping at our teeth while we hold our mouth open for long periods of time is not comfortable. The analogy of our human experience is often used to compare the experience your pet has getting a non-anesthetic dental. This is not entirely the case though. A non-anesthetic dental (NAD) cleaning unfortunately isn’t a cleaning at all and although it is described as you sitting in the dentist chair for your cleaning, it is a much different experience for your pet.

During a non-anesthetic (NAD) cleaning your pet needs to be physically restrained while their mouth is being held open and a sharp instrument is used to remove plaque from the visible part of the tooth. The issue with this is that it does not address what lies below the surface of the gums where the most plaque lives. Plus, you understand what is taking place during your dental cleanings. Your pet does not have the same comprehension during a non-anesthetic cleaning. You also receive dental X-Rays that tell your dentist the whole story going on in your mouth. This does not happen during a NAD therefore the provider performing the service cannot tell you if a tooth is broken under the gum-line or if there is root rotting, etc.

Organizations like the American Animal Hospital Association and the American Veterinary Dental College have done all the research and discovered that an anesthetic dental procedure is best for your pet. Rest assured that IVS has anesthetic protocols in place to keep your pet safe. This includes a technician whose sole role is to monitor your pet while under anesthesia. Our dentals include X-rays of the teeth, so we can see what’s going on below that gum-line as well as a complete cleaning including under the gum-line. Dentals are completed with a good polishing of your pet’s teeth. Anesthetic dentals remove the pain and fear factor created during a non-anesthetic procedure. We stay with and monitor your pet before, during and after their dental. Every aspect of their procedure is overseen by a Veterinarian. Each and every procedure also comes with a huge dose of love from Veterinarians, Technicians, Receptionists and Kennel staff and we all make our way through the treatment area throughout the day.

Please visit our website for a detailed overview of a dental procedure at IVS http://irvinevetservices.com/irvine-well-pet-care/pet-dental-care/

For more information on pet dentals, please visit the AAHA website at https://www.aaha.org/pet_owner/lifestyle/the-truth-about-dental-anesthesia.aspxHere’s another great informational website


Ulysses on Halloween Fun and Safety

I’m Lizzie’s little brother and I am here to talk to you about what makes Halloween Happiest for us pets.  Some of us love people and the more the better, but some of us get scared.  Either way, we can run out the door with all the Halloween commotion and excitement. We really do best if we are in our own room with some new Halloween toys to keep us busy. If you are going to dress us up in a costume, please try it on us in advance to make sure we are comfortable. If we don’t like our costume, bandanas and fun collars are great ways to spread Halloween cheer!

We like treats just as much as the next guy. Make sure our treats are not your treats. Your chocolates and candies can give us tummy upset. Those wrappers, if left around can hurt our bellies too. Chocolate (especially dark or bakers) can be toxic. If your pet accidentally ingests chocolate bring them to your veterinarian or contact the Pet Poison Hotline (855) 764-7661 (fees apply).

Some kiddos carry glow sticks on Halloween. Be sure to pick those up before I get to them. They are rarely toxic, but they do give my belly a bad feeling.

The other thing we forget about is candles. Lots of people like to decorate their house and their pumpkins with candles. We think this looks cool, but sometimes our curiosity gets the better of us. Make sure we can’t get to the candles. We might knock them over and/or burn ourselves. You know, curiosity and the cat…

Lastly and most importantly, please make sure our ID tags are on, and our microchips are active. This is just the start of the very busy holiday season where we might get lost. Don’t have a microchip? That’s ok, it’s never too late. Schedule your appointment now! It only takes a few minutes for a lifetime of protection.

More on pet safety tips for Halloween at https://www.avma.org/public/PetCare/Pages/halloween.aspx.

You can purchase your pet’s dental care products in our hospital or on our online store.


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