Happy New Year to all my friends!

Wishing all of my friends a happy and healthy year with lots of reasons to smile!

January is such a great month! I love it because there is newness in the air and excitement of things to come!

Everyone restarts their paths to wellness. Like my great friend Chewy knows – coming in to see our favorite IVS vet annually – or more if needed – is super important! He reminds us that catching signs of illness and being seen early can make managing treatment easier! Read more about Chewy below!

I also love January because that means February is coming! You know what that means! Dental month! We love to chew on our toys and FOOD! Who doesn’t love to eat! But when our mouths hurt these things can be no fun.

Our wonderful vets and staff at University Park and Northpark are excited to see you and share what they know about how to take care of your teeth through food, treats, brushing and dentals! Plus, when you come in – you can get a Kissability Test!

We invite you to take advantage of our 10% off dental procedures for the whole month of February! Keep reading to learn more!

Love and Kisses from me, Lizzie!

Chewy & the Importance of Routine Visits

At IVS, we believe firmly that routine visits to your veterinarian can keep your pet feeling great longer. When Dr. Kay was asked “what does preventive medicine or care mean to you” she immediately thought of Chewy and his owner.

Chewy is a 10 year old mixed breed dog that has been coming to IVS since 2008. As a young pup he came in annually for routine checkups, bloodwork, and updating vaccines. As a young adult, Chewy developed allergies. He does well on oral medication, topicals, and occasionally immunotherapy. His coat remains healthy all year long now. A few years ago he came to us for excessive water intake and urinating a lot. His annual bloodwork allowed us to diagnose Cushing’s disease (an excess of steroids in the body) and treat him appropriately. Now that Chewy is considered a senior, his body continues to change. He occasionally develops new growths on his skin which are evaluated at each visit to determine if testing or removal are needed.

At 10 years of age Chewy has a personality of a 5 year old. He has so much spunk and energy. His coat looks amazing because his allergies are under control, his Cushing’s disease is maintained with oral medication, and multiple concerning growths have been removed throughout the years.

There is no doubt Chewy is thriving because his owner has made preventive medicine and pet insurance a priority. Cheers to many more healthy years ahead for Chewy!

Savings to Make You Smile

February means dental savings! IVS would like to reward you – our special clients – with 10% off a dental if you schedule during February.

Routine dentals are recommended for your pet. Your Veterinarian will tell you when it’s time to have one done. Doing a routine dental helps to keep the larger dentals with extractions at bay. Dental disease is painful and should not be left untreated. If you notice your pet is pawing at their mouth, not eating well, has blood in their mouth, not playing as much with toys they would normally chew on; bring them in for an exam. It is possible dental disease is creating discomfort. We can fix that!


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How Kissable is Your Pet?

Do you love doggy or kitty breath? How “clean” would you guess your pet’s mouth is? We all love to kiss our pets, but how kissable are they really?

Schedule your pet’s complimentary KISSABILITY Test to find out! During this simple, yet effective, oral exam, we show you pictures of a healthy dog or cat mouth compared to your pet. We will review the different stage of dental disease, review teeth brushing if you want us to, and provide you with a treatment plan specifically for your pet.

KISSABILITY Tests are performed by our skilled Technicians who are very passionate about the importance of dental care. They are happy to share their findings with you. Please ask for your pet’s KISSABILITY Test during their next visit which can include a grooming appointment or boarding stay. Or schedule a brief Technician exam. We’re open 7 days a week at both locations!

You can purchase your pet’s dental care products in our hospital or on our online store. It will be delivered right to your front door!


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