January 2018: Growing Old Together

Growing Old together!

Happy 2018 to all my friends!

I have an important ‘New Year message’ especially prepared for all my ‘furry’ senior feline and canine brothers and sisters! I just turned 11 and despite MANY illness issues am still going strong! Was it not for GREAT Veterinary care I would not be alive today!

Time marches on and it’s time to make an appointment at IVS for your ‘Senior Care’ exam!

Did you know that over 25 % of the pets in the USA are aged 8 years and over?

This means we are well cared for and that our ‘pet parents’ love us, share a household with us, and ‘need us’ to share their lives with them so that we can make them happy!

So, what is the value of getting into our Veterinarian ahead of any signs of illness?

  • Early prevention permits your Vet to benchmark key health indicators-through routine bloodwork, urinalysis, EKG, and a visit where a Vet will exam every inch of the body of each of us. This exam MUST include a dental exam as well to assure that poor dental health does not lead to heart disease and kidney disease. Poor dental health can stop us from eating and taking in the nutrition so important for our health.
  • Most often seniors NEED diet changes to address the changes expected as we pet’s age.
  • Do you have ‘aches and pains’ that you hide from your pet parents? Don’t be shy! Share them with us and we can provide simple, and inexpensive solutions for you NOW before your quality of life is interrupted by illness.
  • Check out our new and revised ‘Senior Care Preventive programs’ featured in our newsletter! Great value, great savings, great opportunity to assure your continued health and a great way for your pet parents to receive ‘peace of mind’.

May 2018 be the BEST year ever for you and the people and ‘pets’ you hold dear-

Hugs and kisses ~Lizzie

Preventive Care for Seniors

By Dr. Caitlin Snyder

If you have a pet that’s achieved “senior status”, then we’re sure you’re looking for ways to improve your pet’s quality of life through his/her “golden years”. At IVS, we hold a special place in our hearts for those pets over 7 years old. Preventive care and early detection of disease are vital in our grey muzzled babies. When diagnosed and treated early, many degenerative diseases seen in older pets can be managed with LOTS more pain-free, nausea-free, and happy TIME with you and your family.

When you bring your senior pet to IVS, one of our qualified doctors will be screening him/her for diseases that typically affect older pets. These include dental disease, arthritis, reproductive diseases if not spayed or neutered, degenerative heart conditions, and unfortunately, cancer. It can be very difficult to determine whether your pet is “just slowing down” or showing symptoms of a disease. Veterinarians are trained to be able to distinguish between the two. For example, your lab who doesn’t want to walk as far on walks anymore, may be getting old, but he could also benefit from improved mobility with the early use of fish oil, glucosamine/chondroitin, or an injectable cartilage medication. We can even do state-of-the-art stem cell injections at IVS! If arthritis is treated early, there are far more options and a higher likelihood of restoring pain-free mobility, despite a pet’s age.

If your pet doesn’t seem to be eating as much, an oral infection from dental disease could be the culprit. Often dogs don’t show signs of oral pain- their desire to live (and thus eat!) outweighs their drive to avoid pain. It’s quite common to do a dental treatment on an aging, slowing down pet, and hear they’re “acting like a puppy again” a few days later. How wonderful that we can dramatically improve a pet’s quality of life, even when there aren’t any obvious signs of a problem!

IVS veterinarians can also screen your pet for heart conditions before they’re in heart failure, cancer before we’ve run out of treatment options, and degenerative brain conditions like Alzheimer’s in people so that they can get on a better sleep cycle. Preventive care means early intervention, which could translate to more quality time with your beloved pet! Schedule an exam for your senior pet every 6 months, come with questions and observations of your pet’s behavior, and we’ll work together to achieve their best possible life! They deserve it for taking such good care of you!

Preventive Care for Seniors

Is your pet 7 years or older? Congratulations! They are officially senior pets! We offer a Senior Preventive Care Program specific to their needs! When you bring your pet in for their annual exam, you get a certificate for a follow up courtesy exam to be used within 6 months. As a bonus we have thrown in 2 courtesy nail trims because we know what a struggle it can be to cut your pet’s nails at home.

Here’s how it works. You bring your senior pet in for their health evaluation by scheduling an appointment or dropping your pet off for the day. While they are here, we will get a history of how they are doing at home and discuss with you the different lifestyle changes you might begin to see at home. We will complete a dental assessment, pain assessment and body and muscle conditioning score.

Your IVS Veterinarian will review all their findings and recommendations with you including providing you with a dental treatment plan, and any other treatment plan they feel would benefit the health of your senior pet. We will draw some blood to test things like kidney and liver values, get a urine sample, send out a fecal sample (be sure to bring this with you) and do a heartworm test. In addition to this we will administer due vaccinations.

At the end of your visit, you will receive a certificate to come back in 6 months for a comprehensive courtesy exam. It is important to catch health issues early as they are easier to treat!

Want to keep your pet around for as long as possible? Prevention is key! Bring your pet in today for their Senior wellness checkup and join our annual Senior Preventive Care Program!




“GFAST saves lives!” TM

GFAST is quickly becoming one of our most loved and utilized forms of preventive care at IVS. GFAST grants you and your Veterinarian the opportunity to get a sneak peek inside your pet. Performing this quick ultrasound, also used in human trauma, as part of a normal wellness visit, or pre-anesthetic, will tell your Veterinarian if there are any strange lumps, bumps, fluid that doesn’t belong or abnormal organ sizes. Things like this do not always show up in blood test results, especially when detected early on ultrasound. It’s a great tool for peace of mind and for the health of your pet creating a great baseline to compare to year after year allowing your Veterinarian to catch abnormalities early. If abnormalities are caught, we have the capability of performing a full ultrasound.

GFAST scans can be done during your appointment because they only take about 10 minutes. In most cases we don’t need to shave your pet and we don’t need to put them under anesthesia. There are always exceptions, but for most pet owners this can be done and reviewed before you leave the office.

Interested in learning more? Please contact our office! We’re happy to schedule your GFAST exam with your Veterinarian today!



Can’t beat this Feline Fans Friends!

February Dental Cleanings!

You must be wondering how could there possibly be more, but there is a lot we can do to protect our pets. After all, they’re worth it! We’ll be covering all sorts of preventive topics throughout the year so keep your reading glasses close and watch for our newsletter every month!

For February we’ll be focusing on our Feline Fans members! Boy do we have a surprise for you! If you aren’t a member, all you need to do is bring your feline friend in for their annual exam (including baseline bloodwork and vaccines), join our FREE Feline Fans membership and you will begin receiving a 10% discount on services, a certificate to come back for a free exam in 6 months, AND an additional 10% on dentals (valid for February).

You read that right –

if you book your cat’s dental
during the month of February.

Parsnip the rabbit

Superstar of the Month: Parsnip

Parsnip is a 1 year old, spayed female, brown Shorthaired rabbit.  She is a beautiful rabbit who enjoys people and cuddles.  Visit Parsnip at the Irvine Animal Care Center and she will greet you at the front of her kennel, eager for some fresh vegetables and parsley.
For more information about Parsnip, call:
Irvine Animal Care Center at (949) 724-7740
Ask for information about animal ID number A109388


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