Fun things to do with us Canine’s this June!

Attention Orange County Canines!!

Did you know that there are hundreds of places that we can go with our humans this summer?

In my May blog I talked about trails and paths that are ‘dog friendly’.

So…how about ‘people places’?

Turns out that many restaurants, shopping centers, and resorts welcome us to spend fun summers with our humans.

In 2015 it became legal for restaurants to allow leashed dogs on patios. Have you tried the Lazy Dog Restaurant and Bar locations in OC? They even have a Lazy Dog Hall of Fame where you can submit your pet’s photo to be showcased online and in the store.

If you have not tried Haven Gastro Pub in Old Town Orange, plan a visit to check it out.

Cucina Enoteca is a great place to go if you’re in the Irvine Spectrum. Or have you tried Wood Ranch Barbeque and Grill ? You can smell their cuisine from the parking deck close by! Yum!

The Lab and The Camp malls in Costa Mesa are fun to visit, dine, and explore-

Pretty much every Irvine Company Retail Center allows dogs-on patio areas and even inside many stores.

Want to know my favorite destination? The Ritz- Carlton, Laguna Niguel to  and learn aboutYappy Hour. Yappy Hour proceeds benefit the Canine Companions for Independence’, a non-profit organization that places dogs with people that need them for assistance.

All you do to become part of the effort to support Canine Companions is relax and enjoy Mutt Lynch Unleashed Chardonnay, Merlot Over, and Play Dead, and finally Chateau d’Og Cabernet Sauvignon.

Beer and a selection of barbecue items are available for purchase. Check out the special Thursday dates planned this summer with a schedule all the way until their Yappy Howl-iday Celebration in December!

Our Veterinarians also wanted to remind you that with all this socialization we need to make sure we are healthy-up to date on our vaccinations and ‘flea free’ with the parasiticide product that is right for us! Don’t be shy-give us a call to schedule a visit and we will make sure that you are safe and healthy this summer!

One final word from me about being healthy and safe-

Have you checked out the benefits of Pet Insurance? If you think it’s for ‘others’ think again! Please read our ‘Trupanion’ story form one of our favorite clients, Letty Kreger, featured below-

Be safe and have fun!

Love and kisses from me-


Yappy Hour


Image Credit to: Ritz Carlton Laguna Niguel

Your Patchy, Scratchy Pet

By Dr. Lisa Fieg

Spring is in the air and summer is around the corner, which means allergy season for sensitive pets. When your pet starts scratching and biting, IVS has you covered with all the information and medical treatment you need. This article will help you know what to expect when your pet is experiencing allergies.

Fleas & Your Pet

Among the most common and most easily preventable allergy is the flea allergy. Everyone knows fleas can be blood-sucking pests, but fewer people realize that many dogs and even cats are also strongly allergic to flea saliva, causing itching and self-trauma far beyond what the fleas alone would induce. In the warm California climate and heated indoor environments, fleas are active all year round, so year-round prevention is necessary. There are many effective options, including Bravecto, Paradyne, and CombGuard. If your pet already has a case of the critters, your vet may recommend a dose of Capstar to kill the adult fleas with a medicated bath to remove eggs and flea dirt.


Fleas & Your Home

Cleaning the environment is the next step, wash all your blankets and floors and use flea spray on your carpets and rugs to destroy any dormant eggs remaining there. You will need to do this multiple times. We also recommend emptying your vacuum bag outdoors. Vacuum frequently and discard of the bag each time immediately. If you do not empty your vacuum bag right away, you risk having flea eggs hatch in the vacuum and travel back into the home. Lastly, it is always wise to call in a profession as fleas can be highly tricky to remove from your home. At IVS we recommend Fleabusters 

Warning – Fleas and Your Cat

Remember, any flea products containing Permethrin are not safe for cats! If you own a feline friend, even if the medication is for a dog, choose a medicine that does not contain Permethrin.

Once those fleas are gone, you will watch in amazement as your patchy, scratchy pet becomes it’s happy, lively self once again!

Environmental and Skin Allergies

Other common allergies include reactions to environmental factors like pollen and grass, or an allergic reaction to the proteins in your pet’s food. Your IVS veterinarian will try to isolate the variable causing the reaction based upon when your pet becomes itchy and the area that appears to be affected most.

Once the allergen at fault has been found, there are many treatment options available. When removing the source is possible, it is often the best route, as long-term medication regimens can be avoided. For example, if the food is to blame, your veterinarian may have you try new foods with different types of proteins, or a hydrolyzed diet with no intact proteins at all. For environmental allergens, your vet may recommend frequent bathing, and limited contact with grass and other plant matter.

When removing the allergen from the equation is not an option, which is the case with environmental allergens, there are still good pharmaceutical options for soothing those itchy, uncomfortable symptoms. There are a number of anti-itch medications available in the form of topical, oral and injectable, your veterinarian will determine which medication is appropriate.

Despite being very common, allergies are a difficult problem to manage and skin infection can occur secondary to your pet’s excessive scratching that will require medication, so we always recommend visiting your veterinarian if your pet is scratching and biting enough to cause redness, swelling, discoloration, or hair loss. We at IVS hope we will not need to see your pet this summer, but we are ready to help if they need us!

Our Trupanion Story

By Letty Kreger

This is Lillie.  She is one of three rescues that are currently part of our family.  When we first got Lillie, we already had three dogs:  Nooshie (an American Eskimo), Charlie (a terrier mix and the most expensive pound puppy in the world), and Toby, a senior Corgi rescue.  When Lillie came into our lives, there was no passing her up.  Since we are responsible pet parents, we scheduled Lillie for her first exam and shots with Dr. Cole.  It was at that visit that Dr. Cole told us about Trupanion.  He gave us a certificate that needed to be activated within 24 hours to waive a 30-day waiting period.  I had thought about – and even had researched – pet insurance about 5 years prior, after Charlie had been very sick (hence his monetary title).  Since we regretted not having insurance then, I enrolled Lillie in Trupanion.

I am glad that we chose Trupanion.  Shortly after enrolling Lillie, she was back at the vet with a bladder infection.  The claim process was easy, and the customer service was outstanding.  Next came an incident involving Vitamin D and a trip to the emergency vet.  The reimbursement from Trupanion was equivalent to a year’s worth of monthly premium payments! Most recently, Lillie has suffered from two separate bouts of Hemorrhagic Gastroenteritis (HGE), both which required late night trips to the emergency vet, overnight stays for treatment, plus follow-up care at IVS, amounting to about $3000 total in treatment costs.  Again, thanks to Trupanion, most of the costs were reimbursed.  All told, in the four years Lillie has been covered, Trupanion has paid more to us that we have paid to them.

I love that Trupanion allows pet parents to make monthly payments affordable by choosing their deductible.  What’s even better is that deductibles are paid once PER CONDITION, not per visit.  If we could go back in time, we would not hesitate to get Trupanion for our other dogs, especially Nooshie.  She developed cancer, and we had to face every pet parent’s worst nightmare by deciding a course of treatment based on cost.  She would still be gone today, but we would have had her longer, and her quality of life would have been better.  If you are remotely considering pet insurance, do it.  Your pet is worth it, and we never know what the future holds for our furry family members!

Why Pets Should Be on I/D while Boarding

Brittany Sorich

While pets are at Irvine Veterinary Services boarding we recommend putting them on Hills I/D food (Digestive Care).  This is a diet that will help with any diarrhea that may happen due to some stress from not being at home and in their own environment and disturbance in their everyday routine. When the kennel staff notices a pet having loose stool they let the Drs. know and then the Drs. have the reception staff call the owners to make them aware and ask if we can switch the food to I/D.  At Irvine Veterinary Services we like to make sure the pets are happy and healthy while they are boarding with us. That’s why I like to recommend when pets come in to board that they should be fed Hills I/D food.

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Superstar of the month: Beckham

Beckham is a 3-year-old, neutered male, white and black Pit Bull Terrier and Pointer mix. He is a smart dog who is looking for something to do. While Beckham likes making his own decisions, he will listen to you if you make a good case. Beckham is ready for a new adventure partner who is willing to take the time to show him how to be a good companion.

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