Yearly Dental Health Exams are another great way to see if there are any underlying health issues with your Cat. If dental disease is left untreated, your cat’s whole health can be affected.  They can end up with generalized infections that lead to heart and kidney disease.

Just like humans, cat’s teeth get tarter build up, can have gum disease and have teeth that need to extracted. We recommend regular teeth brushing and dental cleanings to avoid bigger dental issues. The younger you get your cat used to having their teeth brushed the better, but It’s never too late! Stop in today for a demonstration with one of Technicians.

Kissability Tests

A Kissability Test is a dental exam that can be performed on your pet any time they are here for an exam, bathing, grooming and boarding. We compare, using photos, your pet’s mouth to a healthy mouth to see if your pet is experiencing dental disease. Then we send you home with a copy just like the one below and information about the different stages of dental disease. If a dental is recommended, you will receive a treatment plan with more information.

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