Feline Fans | Volume 6 – December 2013


Addressing the Needs of Cats and People that Love Them

Happy Holidays to our Feline Fans!

COLE-CATSAs the weather becomes ‘crisp’ Eddie and I note that our felines congregate together more often. Please enjoy our special photo of just how cozy our clan becomes as the weather cools. Pictured from right to left are Grover, Manny, Tyler, and Omar.

We also wanted to introduce you to our ‘hospital cats’. All of us at IVS enjoy the daily company of Thelma and Dobby at our Northpark location, and Maceo at our University Park location. These beautiful felines came to us in various ways as cats often do, in their own way and in their own time. We have come to love them and depend on them.


They are truly ‘working’ cats. They often provide our Vets and Techs a great way to demonstrate how our clients can learn to hold, medicate, and groom their special felines. They generally enjoy the ‘run’ of the practices and are very savvy at moving ‘out of the way’ during busy time periods.

Speaking of ‘savvy’ cats…..

With the Holidays coming make sure to be especially aware of your felines needs during this November and December. Cats love routine and become VERY stressed when new people visit, Christmas trees suddenly show up, and ‘their people’ leave town. Have you experienced that indifferent and hostile stare when you drag the suitcase out from the garage??

We invite you to read the article below on how to help take the stress out of the holidays for your beloved feline friend.

Sending you are warmest wishes for a safe and happy Holiday season….

Much love, Pam, Eddie, Omar, Manny, Tyler, Grover, and Simba.

Taking Stress out of the Holidays

During the holidays your home may be more chaotic than your kitty is used to. With family and friends coming and going, new sounds and smells, and a disruption in daily routine, your furry feline most likely will be feeling some anxiety from this sensory overload. While some cats may be okay with the changes, most aren’t.

It is best to give your cat a safe, warm, and quiet place in the house to retreat to during the holidays. This place should be complete with fresh water and a place to rest. Be sure to check on your kitty as much as possible, giving them a bit of love and attention when you can to help relieve their anxiety.

It is not a good idea to place your cat in the garage when company is over, as there are many potentially dangerous hazards for your kitty, such as antifreeze, which attracts cats with its sweet taste and can be deadly for your pet. Also, many cats will find the warmest spot in the garage, typically the engine of your car– an unsuspecting driver may start-up the car not knowing your kitty’s whereabouts and cause them serious injury.


posthager_20101026_149_finalMany people adopt new feline companions around the holidays. For any pet, it can be a stressful time with all the commotion that the holidays bring. It is important to be prepared for your new companion, to ease as much of the stress as the transition may bring.

If you are bringing home a new kitty this season, here are some timeless tips from our very own Dr. Oakley on how to prepare for your new pet.


What tips can you give our readers to help them make a more comfortable environment for their new cat?


What safety precautions / preparations should a new pet owner make when bringing home a new cat?


If the pet owner is bringing home a ‘second cat’ what should they know about introducing their current cat to their new cat?


Is it a good idea to give a pet as a gift for the holidays?


IVS Donates a Dollar for every Bath & Groom in December!

KITTENS-ON-BATH-TOWELSCome in for a Bath and Groom and help make a difference. For every Bath & Groom IVS is donating a dollar to the Irvine Animal Care Center.

In the month of November and December, Irvine Veterinary Services will donate a dollar to the Irvine Animal Care Center in support of their Third Chance program for every bath or groom performed.

The Third Chance program transfers animals from overcrowded Southern California shelters where they may have limited chances for adoption, and brings them to the Shelter for a chance at finding their forever home. Since these animals come from outside of Irvine, their care is funded entirely through donations.


Watch this great video to find out more about our
Cat Grooming Services!


We all want what’s best for our pets, and even with the best intentions, sometimes the unexpected happens. The winter holidays, after the 4th of July, are the number one time of the year that pets are usually lost. It is not unusual for a stressed out cat to try and find a quieter refuge, and this sometimes means outside of the house. A cat that finds itself in an unfamiliar environment will often hide, even when being called. And, a cat that roams too far from home may not be able to find their way back.

No matter how many precautions we take, the fact remains, sometimes cats runaway or get lost. It is important for your cat to wear a collar and tag (be sure to use a collar with a safety release). However, it is not uncommon for collars and tags to be lost or forgotten– because of this, we recommend microchipping your pet. Microchipping greatly increases the chances of your pet returning home by offering a secure and reliable form of identification.

Find Out More About Microchipping Your Pet By Clicking On The Link Below


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