Feline Fans | Volume 12 – March/April 2015: Protecting your Pet!


Don’t be a “scaredy”‘ cat about pet insurance!


Happy April to all my friends!! I don’t like tax season but I LOVE to save my fans money on pet care!

Want to save money and provide the best care for your favorite Feline? Read on!

More and more of my ‘fans’ are getting ‘cat smart’ about the great value of pet insurance.

Meet Mia and Freddy!

Mia and Freddy use Trupanion. They have a no deductible plan and in total for both kitties, they have claimed over $5200 in visits and paid out-of-pocket approximately $520.

Due to severe fear episodes in Mia, her humans were able to do testing such as MRI, X-Rays, Hematology Testing and more to ensure that there was not something more serious like vision issues attributing to Mia’s behavior. Mia also has gastrointestinal problems. She has had X-Rays, blood work, etc to rule out anything serious with that.

Freddy had ringworm. He had that checked twice. Freddy is overweight and Trupanion pays 50% of the prescription food that we buy him.

Mia and Freddy’s human say Trupanion is very easy to use! “We only had Dr.Oakley fill out our claim form once for Freddy. We now just send them the claim form without doctor’s diagnosis and signature and they pay it. They process the claims within a few days and get the check within a week. The claim form for all claims is one page. Very simple.”

“Basically, when Mia or Freddy get sick, we don’t have to worry about being able to afford caring for them. We’ve been able to get tests done to rule out anything serious. We’re already worried about them being sick and most people have to also worry about the costs to get tests done but we are reassured that the tests and treatment will be paid for. This has put us at ease when these tough times happen.” ~ Terri D.

Have you visited the Trupanion website? Getting a quote for your feline is quick and easy! Visit our website or Google Trupanion. Still not sure? Did you know you can sign up for a FREE 30 day trail and be insured for one month at no cost? Ask any of us at IVS and we will sign you up!

Much purrs for me to you-
Love Grover-


Protecting your Cat from Parasites

Did you know that even if you cat lives life indoors, they are still at risk of contracting parasites? How, you might ask? Do you enjoy potted plants in your home? Potting plants can contain roundworm eggs which can be ingested by your cat if they play in the soil, then groom themselves. Do you enjoy walking in the trails or where there are sprinklers and it can be muddy? Parasites can be stuck in the mud and can be carried home on your sneakers or shoes. Do you have a dog? Dogs can have hitchhikers on them like fleas that will then travel onto your cat. Even if you have a doggy door or let your cat play on an outdoor patio area, they will be exposed to parasites.

What can you do about it? The Veterinarians at IVS recommend Revolution. This is a topical flea, ear mite, intestinal parasite and heartworm preventative that you can apply monthly to your cat. It is a liquid that is applied to the back of your cat’s neck by parting the fur and squeezing the tube until it is empty. IVS recommends routine examinations with fecal tests to help insure your pet is parasite free. Revolution can be ordered and shipped directly to your front door through our online store.


A Dental Experience Through A Client’s Eyes

In October I took my cat, Keira, to see Dr. Hoholm so she could get an examination and get set up for a dental. Keira did great on her exam other than being a bit chubby so Dr. Hoholm advised she lose some weight and that we run some blood work to make sure Keira would be a good candidate to undergo anesthesia. She also went over all of the amazing things that IVS does when performing a dental like x-rays and having two technicians perform each dental (one of them monitors my cat the whole time – imagine that someone to just watch her and make sure she is ok!). Later that day, I got a call from Dr. Hoholm stating that Keira’s blood glucose was high. After some further testing it was confirmed that Keira had become diabetic over the last year.

We never noticed the signs of sluggishness; and increased drinking, eating, and urination. Long story short, after some changes in diet, increased exercise (leash walks, laser light play) and insulin two times a day, Keira is currently in remission and has had her much needed dental. Now we notice the things we did not before and know what to look for in the future. Keira is down 1 ½ pounds, drinking less, eating less and much more vocal, playful, vibrant. I know her diabetes contributed to her sluggishness and weight gain now. We thought she was a happy, lazy cat after our move cross-country. I also know that her dental was important as well because she is now playing with toys using her mouth again which she had stopped doing. Thanks to Dr. Hoholm and IVS recommending pre-anesthetic bloodwork and performing the best dental care, my cat will live a healthier, happier life. And she loves getting her teeth brushed daily!

For March and April, IVS is offering 10% off Dentals for Feline Fans and discounted pre-anesthetic bloodwork at a discounted rate of $69!


Macaron has a dental

Macaron came to see Dr. Pascucci for exam of a swollen lip in August 2014. On physical exam, Macaron had significant gingivitis throughout all four quadrants and increased dental calculus, or tartar, on his upper back teeth and lower molars. During his dental in January, the areas with the most calculus had gingival recession, where the gum line is pushed back exposing some of the tooth root and causing discomfort. He also had deep pockets in these areas. If left unchecked and not cleaned, these areas would continue to accumulate food particles and bacteria, leading to tooth loss.

We feared he may need multiple teeth extractions due to the periodontal disease but are happy to report he mostly needed a deep cleaning in the affected areas. One upper molar was beyond our help and due to the inflammation and infection the tooth was mobile and had to be extracted. We hope that with regular brushing and monitoring we can maintain his good oral health.
On recheck exam 2 weeks later, Macaron looked great and appeared more comfortable and happy.

After he had the dental care, we finally understand how much pain Macaron was in before. He has been eating better, grooming more often, and playful all the time. He looks like when we met him for the first time five years ago — full of energy with great curiosity. We are glad to see him busy playing with us again. Of course, he doesn’t look tired anymore. We would have had him the treatment earlier if we had known that it’s not only for his dental health, but also for his well-being. We are very satisfied with the result.


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