Feline Fans | Volume 11: Cat Dental Care


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Happy New Year to every one of my feline fans!

Thank goodness the Holidays are over, and my house is back to normal. I love Xmas trees as much as the average cat but enough is enough! I am happy to see all those ‘extra’ people leave my house. Now I can return to my favorite place to snooze and finally get some rest!

It’s time for me to remind you that the New Year is a perfect time to focus on our health. Each January we offer free ‘Fit for Life’ evaluations at IVS to help our clients and patients get that ‘extra holiday’ weight off so that we can begin the New Year ‘more fit’ than the year before.

Optimum fitness begins with a proper diet. Most of my fans know that diet needs change based on age and lifestyle for us felines. We are experts at dietary recommendations at IVS so please give one of my friends here at IVS a call to set up a complimentary ‘Fit for Life’ evaluation.

Another important factor in our health is regular dental care. We felines are especially at risk for whole body disease caused by poor dental health. Over 80% of us present with significant dental inflammation and gum disease. This infection and inflammation makes us easy targets for kidney and heart disease.

So…it’s time to get our mouths evaluated! During February we are conducting free ‘kissability’ tests performed by our IVS Technicians. If we need a dental cleaning or dental extractions we can offer IVS’s everyday 10% off savings when we are enrolled in the ‘Feline Fans Club’. If you are not enrolled come in or give us a call. All you need is to be a current client with IVS and the card is good to use on IVS Veterinary Services!

That’s all for now! Enjoy our special articles on fitness and dentistry below!

Hope to see you soon!!

All the best-



Why does my cat need a dental?

Let’s face it, some of us love the smell of our cat’s breath or think that it’s just normal kitty breath. Your cat may have great teeth! Or they might need a dental. Bring your cat in the month of February for a free technician visit and find out!

Other signs to keep watch for:

  • Loss of appetite
  • Dropping food
  • Shaking their head
  • Pawing at the mouth
  • Be abnormally aggressive or reclusive
  • Not grooming themselves as much
  • Bleeding or excessive salivating from the mouth
  • Chattering their jaw


Is Your Cat Fit or Fat? Let the Expert Veterinarians Decide!

post-Keira-bellySchedule your free “Fit for Life” exam with one of our expert veterinarians to find out how your cat measures up. Join our Fit for Life Campaign and receive free metabolic diet food and measuring cup for the duration of the Campaign, as well as four- weight checks with a skilled technician, and a comprehensive feeding plan tailored specifically for your cat.

Why do we focus on obesity and dental disease?

Both Obesity and Dental Disease are linked to other health issues you may see in your pet. We recommend yearly to bi-annual exams and lab work depending on the age of your pet. This exam will allow us the opportunity to try to diagnosis issues in our Feline Friends.


Being overweight can limit their ability to move, breathe, digest food and fight infection. More serious illnesses can occur such as diabetes or pancreatitis. Having your Cat thoroughly examined by a Veterinarian (at least yearly) with lab work done is great preventative medicine!

Dental Disease

Yearly Dental Health Exams are another great way to see if there are any underlying health issues with your Cat. If dental disease is left untreated, your cat’s whole health can be affected. They can end up with generalized infections that lead to heart and kidney disease.


Are you a Feline Fans Member?

FFClubCardAre you a member of IVS’ Feline Fans Club? Do you know someone who would want to be? Feline Fans Club members receive discounts on many services including a 10% discount card that can be used on dentistry. Schedule your appointment for a dental exam and enroll in our Feline Fans Club today!



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