February 2017: Smooches for your pooches and kitties too!

 February 2017: Smooches for pooches and kitties too!

It’s still not too late to get in shape’ for 2017!

Hello to all my special friends

February is upon us! What happened to January?

How is everyone doing with your New Year’s ‘Healthier You’ resolutions?

Last month I reminded everyone that being fit and healthy is central to a long and healthy life. Getting time to exercise and eating the right diet for our life and lifestyle is important.

Outside of keeping active and lean another critical health care concern-is assuring that we have healthy teeth and gums. Best way to check out our status is to call IVS and schedule a ‘kissability test’.

Never had one? Had one last year? Either way our Vets and Techs continue to offer complimentary ‘kissability test’ for all. Our Vet/Tech team will examine canine and feline mouths, snap some pictures and compare them to normal mouths.

Schedule your kissability test and we would also be happy to train your humans on how to brush our teeth. Teeth brushing can be fun and always ‘pain free’!

Could not let you go without wishing you and yours a very Happy Valentine’s Day this February 14th. This special day in February reminds us that we are lucky to be loved!

Take a moment and extend a paw, lick a face, purr a little extra for our humans! They take such great care of us!!!

Love and kisses form me, Lizzie!!!

Love Lizzie

Show Me Your Pearly Whites

Dental Care is Important

Do you remember 8-year-old Annie? Her mom Cindy shared with us how Annie did after having a dental with IVS. Watch this video and see for yourself

Dental Care is Important

All our staff at Irvine Veterinary Services have been trained to assist in detecting typeof=”schema:MedicalSignOrSymptom”>dental disease in your pet. Receptionists, Groomers and Kennel staff know how important dental care is to your pet’s overall health. This is why if your pet is here for a bath, groom, boarding, a day drop off, etc., they note in your pet’s chart if your pet could benefit from a Kissability Test (our term for a dental checkup). Our Technicians and Veterinarians will then note in your pet’s chart what stage of dental disease your pet has and they will communicate with you when a dental or next checkup should be done.

Why is this important? Ever have a toothache? Me too. It hurts. It hurts for our pets too. They get plaque buildup, can fracture teeth and their roots can become infected just like us. We strive to keep your pet at its most optimal health level. If you see signs like:

Pawing at the mouth
Bad breath
Discolored teeth
Reduced appetite or even refusing to eat
Bleeding from the mouth
Swelling in or around the mouth
Less active; not playing with toys

We highly recommend you bring your pet in for a dental exam today!


Kissability Tests for Pets

Kissability Tests are back!

Actually, they never left. We offer them all year long! And they are always FREE!

Try this little test at home. Put your nose close to your pet’s nose. What do you smell?
Dog breath? Cat breath?

Any smell can be a sign of dental disease. Would you want to kiss your pet knowing that is bacteria growing in their mouth? We wouldn’t recommend it. However, we would like you to be able to kiss your pet as often and as much as you want.

How you ask? Let’s start with a Kissability Test.

What is this? We take a photo of your pet’s mouth and show you how it stacks up to a healthy set of teeth and gums. Then we will review where your pet falls on the Level of Dental Disease seen. Are they a Level 1 – Excellent! Keep up the good work! Level 2 – Let’s schedule that first cleaning before things get out of control or a Level 4 – You need a dental right away!

Take advantage of our FREE DENTAL EXAMS in February!

How to Brush Your Pet's Teeth

This is how you brush your teeth, brush your teeth…

Anyone else remember that childhood song that our parents or teachers might have sung to get us to happily do our chores? It was a great little ditty! It’s in our heads at IVS for the month of February because it’s Dental Month! February gives us the opportunity to teach you all about the importance of dental care. Where does it start? With teeth brushing of course!

Let us show you how! Come in during the month of February (no appointment needed) and we will show you how to brush your pet’s teeth!

Free gift bag containing a toothbrush and CET dental treats while they last!

Meet our Groomer Glenda

Meet Our Groomer Glenda

Glenda is one of our groomers at the University Park location. Glenda has always had a creative side and a love for animals which took her career path to dog grooming. She is our in-house deshedding specialist(see Kona). She’s can take any dog and make them look like new (see Mia). Schedule a grooming or deshedding appointment with Glenda today! She’s available Friday-Monday.

Superstar of the Month: Jack

Superstar of the Month: Jack

Irvine Animal Care Center | 6443 Oak Canyon | Irvine, CA 92618 | Phone: 949-724-7740
Jack is a 1 year old Queensland Heeler mix. Like most working dogs, Jack is energetic and intelligent. He is a dog that will need plenty of exercise, companionship, and a job to do that engages his body and mind. When picking a new companion, it’s important to consider your family’s lifestyle and living situation. Apartment living or a busy family might not be the best fit for a dog like Jack. He’s the type of guy that will run for miles, chase balls for hours, and still want to play at the end of the day. Jack isn’t all work and no play; he does stop for a moment here or there for a quick pet and some love, and then is ready to get moving again!

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