February 2015 Pet News & Vet Views: February is LOVE and KISSES at IVS!!

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Lizzie teaching a cat patient how to brush her own teeth. Clean teeth means happy pets in Orange County, CA.

Valentines and Dentals?

Kissability Tests are back by demand! Is your pet ready for Valentines?

Please be my Valentine, at Irvine Vet Services? Hugs & kisses, lizzie...
February is OUR staff’s FAVORITE month because we get to give out special valentines AND celebrate YOUR pet’s dental health! Once again we would like to invite you and your pet to visit IVS for a FREE ‘Kissability’ test! A Vet or Pet Tech will perform a mouth exam and report the findings to you right away.

Did you know that nearly 80% of our mouths (us dogs and cats) have some degree of dental disease? Did you know that dentals are very safe and include dental radiographs and pain medication? Worried about the cost? Check out these special package prices detailed below.

We are here to help your pet avoid the pain and disease risk of dental disease! With every dental IVS is giving away a free toothbrush, pet formulated toothpaste and a free sample of Hills TD diet formulated to fight plaque.

Still not sure? Check out our favorite video on dentistry below-

We love dental health at IVS because every time we perform a dental dogs and cats feel BETTER and live longer. Please think about calling us about a kissability test for your pet today!

Love and kisses from me, Lizzie.

How Kissable is Your Pet?

Take our at home kissability test! It’s simple! Put your nose up to your pet’s face and sniff. Do you smell ‘dog’ breath or ‘cat’ breath? Then your pet might have bacteria growing in their mouth. We want to help! Schedule a FREE technician dental check at either University Park or Northpark to see if your pet would benefit from a dental.

We offer affordable Dental Cleaning Packages! If you have a cat, and join our Feline Fans Club, you can use your 10% discount on a dental as well.

Pet Dental Cleaning Orange County, CA | Irvine, CA Vets

Free technician dental screen! Call us to set up your appointment!


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Healthy Mouth, Healthy Pet

In order to help ward off dental disease, not only should you have regular visits with your veterinarian (or take advantage of our free technician visits this month), there are steps you can take at home.

Prevention is key! Daily teeth brushing for your pet, to remove the soft plaque that builds up creating that stinky breath and possible infection, is how you keep your pet’s teeth and gums healthy. It’s never too late to start, but the younger you start then the easier great pet oral health will be to do.

  • Make it a fun activity and provide a reward so that your pet will enjoy teeth brushing instead of it being a chore.
  • Even when not brushing your pet’s teeth hold and play with their muzzle to increase their acceptance of having their teeth brushed or even examined by a veterinarian and/or technician.
  • You can use a “finger” brush or a toothbrush with specially formulated pet toothpaste to clean your pet’s teeth and gums.

Watch this video of our receptionist Kay and she instructs you on how to properly brush your pet’s teeth.


December Boarder Night Totals Are In!

December was a great month for boarders at Irvine Veterinary Services both Northpark and University Park locations. We had a total of 1,062 nights where you entrusted us with your fur-babies! IVS is donating $1 for each of these nights to the Third Chance Program at Irvine Animal Care Center. We believe in giving shelter dogs around Orange County their Third Chance at a forever home! Thank you for helping us help them! We couldn’t do this without our amazing clients!

Third Chance Pet Adoption in Orange County, CA


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