February 2014 News & Views: Visit IVS in the Month of February for a FREE Dental Exam!

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Visit IVS in the Month of February for a FREE Dental Exam!


Why would ANYONE want to get a dental exam???

I bet I am not the ONLY one that does not like anyone looking into my mouth! Early in my life my Dad made SURE to play with my paws, brush my coat, and trim my nails. He was ALWAYS pulling up my gums to look at my teeth.

Canines and felines that grow up without love and handling are always nervous about being touched anywhere. Some of us don’t like it no matter how much love and attention we get! Check out Lilly! She is just a little thing and is ‘scared’ of anyone and everything! She turns ‘blue’ when you trim her nails!

I learned later that this ‘special handling’ is really important for me as I grew up because Vets and Techs need to be able to handle us dogs and cats to make sure we are healthy. When you visit us each year (we need to see you at least once a year!) we make sure to look in your mouth.

So the hardest thing for my people and my friends to understand is that we NEED to have our teeth checked at LEAST once a year. At IVS we know this is important because 70% of pets we see each week have some degree of dental disease! This means that our gums are inflamed and that our teeth and bones are eroding from dental disease. What this really means is pain for us in the short term and big health issues in the long term.

So what’s the best thing to do for us?

Get us to our Vet for an oral dental exam!

To help out all my friends this February we have a very special invitation! Our Vets/Techs will examine my friend’s teeth AT NO CHARGE! Please consider bringing in my friends for a free dental exam now through February 28th.

Do you have ‘fear of dental’? No reason to fear! Check out our very cool dental video, and listen to Dr’s Snyder and Oakley tell you why you should not be afraid!!!

Still not sure? My favorite reason for a dental is that I like to kiss everyone! I want to pass the ‘kissability’ test so that everyone will welcome my kisses!! I hope to see you this February for your free dental exam!

Love and Kisses from me, Lizzie


NATALIE_LIZZIE_DENTAL-2014Here’s a simple test we would like you to do on your pet. Put your nose close to your pet’s nose. What do you smell? Doggy breath? Kitty breath?

Any smell can be a sign of dental disease. We wouldn’t recommend kissing your pet under these conditions to avoid your pet’s bacteria. Yet, we would like you to be able to kiss your pet as often and as much as you want.

This month we are focusing on Dental Health and hoping to put a big dent in dental disease. We would like to measure your pet’s ‘kissability’.

Take advantage of our FREE DENTAL EXAMS in February!

Meet Sam! Dental treatment has made him a Happier, Healthier Dog!!!

SAM_HOHOLM_DENTAL2Sam is a 6 year old male Pomeranian who came in to see Dr. Hoholm for bad breath and licking his lips. On examination, moderate dental tartar was noted. A dental was scheduled a week later. Underneath the “moderate” tartar was SEVERE dental disease. Unfortunately, it was too late for five of his teeth, as they had already become so diseased that they fell out. During his dental evaluation, and with the help of dental x-rays, four additional teeth were found to be unsalvageable and were extracted. These teeth were likely contributing to infection and oral pain, so removing them before they fell out was definitely in Sam’s best interest.

We followed up with Sam’s mom recently to see how he was doing, and here is what she had to say:

I have had small dogs for the last 20 years. Before we had Sam, we had another Pomeranian that lived to be 15-years-old, and I am convinced it is because we took very good care of his teeth. I truly believe that good dental care leads to a longer, healthier, and happier life for pets.

Before Sam had his dental he was struggling with eating, only chewing on one side of his mouth, and I would notice him wincing while he ate. It had been 3 years since his last dental cleaning, and I could tell his mouth was hurting him.

I know dental care is not cheap for dogs or kids, but it is not something people should look at as a luxury, it is something you need to do.

SAM-BEFORE-AND-AFTER2Since Sam’s treatment he is able to eat without pain. I have also noticed he is much more active and playful than before. Sam has a younger brother, Willie, our Pomeranian-Mixed puppy, who he never wanted to give the time of day to, but now plays with him all the time. Sam is a much more active, healthier dog since his dental treatment!

Professional Pet Dental Care

Just like people, pets need dental care. It is estimated that 70-80% of all pets seen at a vet clinic on a weekly basis have some degree of dental disease.

Dental care for your pet is more than a broken tooth, or an abscess needing treatment, it is important for their overall health. Proper dental care leads to overall wellness, and can lead to a longer, more comfortable life for your pet.

Dental care protects a pet’s mouth from bacteria, as well as the heart, kidneys, and liver; and helps prevent chronic pain.

The majority of dental problems are invisible to the naked eye, so it is important to have your pet visit their veterinarian for a complete dental exam.

Watch our video to find out more about the life-improving benefits of Pet Dental Care!


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