Falling Back into Fall Routines

Young woman with dog on a sunny day hiking in high mountains


You would not know by the hot weather that fall is just around the corner.

I love this time of year as summer winds down and normal routines return.

Summer time is fun with all the trips to the beach, hikes and BBQs. However, it always feels good to be back in our normal routine of long walks with Dad and days in the office. The smell of the crispness in the air hint at holidays approaching.

What are some of your favorite places to visit as the cooler whether set in? We love taking our strolls under the canopy of trees in Irvine Regional Park when the Sycamore and Oak Trees change colors.

William R. Mason Regional Park is another scenic park with a lake that is beautiful to take in a walk, bike ride or jog during the season changes.

You can learn more about these parks at www.ocparks.com.

Looking for some last-minute things to do before summer is officially over? See California (www.seecalifornia.com) has a list of things to do and upcoming events including free concerts, seasonal festivals, attractions, museums and piers to visit.

Don’t forget to ease us pets back in that normal routine. Especially if walk and feeding times will be changing and if you will be out of the house more. Although most of us enjoy our quiet time just as much as we enjoy time with you, it does create some stress to change things up. See below for more tips on making Back to School time flow easier.

I’ll tell ya, I love the hustle-and-bustle of summer and the lazy days in the sand. But there is nothing like laying on a comfy blanket with your favorite human with a fire in the fire place and the smells of cinnamon and nutmeg wafting through the house.

Hurry fall!

Love and kisses –


Back to School Makes Dogs (and Cats) Drool

Parents, Grandparents, Teachers, etc. all feel the stress creep up as we get closer to back to school. Everyone who does the walking to the bus stop, dropping off/picking up, or “child management” needs to prepare for the new school routine. A lot of times this includes after school and weekend activities that are on hiatus over the summer.

Believe it or not, our pets can get the back to school blues too. It’s similarly stressful to them because a change in your routine likely means a change in their routine. Most of the time over the summer their humans are around more and spend more time with them. Perhaps cuddling with Precious that cat while reading a book in a sunlit window or extra walks and car trips for Penelope the Pug.

How can you help to alleviate the anxiety and stress our furry family members feel? Here are a few tips:

  • Start changing your routine to one like the back to school routine about one week prior. What their new walk time and length will be, feeding times, etc. This way they can be eased into their new schedule.
  • If a part of that new routine will be walking Fido to school, be sure Fido remains on leash at all times, had a collar with contact information and is microchipped. Collars can break or be taken off, microchips are in your pet in case they get lost
  • Leave out the things that you will take with you on your back to school days like backpacks and take them outside with you for about 30 minutes and come back in; slowly increase this time. This will help your pet to be less anxious when you do leave for the day and these items will not create anxiety when they are seen being carried out of the home.
  • When you do leave, remain calm and keep the action uneventful. Making arrivals and departures peaceful so your pet doesn’t become over excitable.
  • Provide your pet with new toys/gadgets to keep them busy while you are way. Kongs filled with peanut butter or cream cheese, or other toys that create food puzzles are great. New scratchers for cats are fun. Leave food surprises around the house for cats to hunt during the day.
  • Leave the radio or television on for some noise comfort for your pet.
  • Spend some special time with your pet when you (this includes the whole family) do arrive home.

For pets with particularly high separation anxiety (signs could be: destructive behavior, house soiling, trembling, loss of appetite, whining, diarrhea, etc.), it is recommended that you bring your pet to a pet day care facility, so they are not alone. There are many different options for this. At IVS, we offer day boarding 7 days a week. Your pet would receive one-on-one walking time, clean bedding, water and anything additional you discuss with the Reception staff at check-in or booking your appointment.

Other resources for Back to School and your pet please visit:

Questions about ways to help ease back into the fall routine with your pet(s), contact us today!


A Peek into Boarding at IVS

We know how worried owners are when they drop off their fur-babies for the first time for boarding. We work hard to make this a home away from home and give you the comfort and peace you need to enjoy your vacations whether they be a day away or 3 weeks away. Our staff always makes time to interact with our boarders.

Here’s a short little video of some of our frequent IVS boarders. Enjoy!


For more information on boarding your pet at Irvine Veterinary Services, please look at our website.

University Park New Practice Update

You’ve been asking! As many of you know, IVS – University Park (in the Parkview Plaza) will be relocating. Don’t worry! We’re not going far. We will be moving across the parking lot on the same side as the rest of the plaza. Our anticipated move in timeframe is at the end of this year.

Take a drive or stroll by next time you are in town. The exterior of the building is finished. We are loving the white façade, abundance of windows and grey roofing. We’re even more exciting that the inside will boast 6 exam rooms, a modern reception area and state-of-the-art medical equipment.

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