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Remembering the Ones We Love this Holiday Season

For as long as I have been alive, which is seven years this next May, I have been loved and cherished by my Mom and Dad, and all my friends at Irvine Veterinary Services.

CHANCE-AND-LIZZIEWhen I first came to my new home, when I was just a pup, I had a buddy named Petie that was adopted with me. Petie was a beautiful Min Pin and I loved this little guy, my bro.

At just two years of age Petie died from kidney failure. Sometimes we are born with disabilities and sometimes we develop disease as we age. To lose a friend so young is not fair but I think that he was taken early from this world because he was so SPECIAL.

I miss him to this day. My Dad misses him the most! He died too soon, but he lives on in our memories.

Just two weeks ago, my big friend and special love, Chance, died of heart failure. This was a special loss for my Mom, because she walked Chance every day. Chance REALLY loved my Mom. And all of us at IVS loved him too, because he was a GOOD BOY for his bath and groom. I feel especially sorry for my IVS friends, Diane and Michelle, and Joshlyn. They always took great care of Chance.

For all of us at IVS-and all my friends that live their lives for pets-losing ‘our own’ is especially hard. We suffer losses every day we come to work. When you have big hearts like us in veterinary medicine-you cannot hide your love and cannot stop feeling the pain.

So, how do we cope with so much loss? We take special solace in the words of poets and others:

….I shall see beauty

But none to match your living grace.

I shall hear music

But none so sweet as the droning song

With which you loved me.

I shall till my days

But I shall not, cannot forget

Sleep soft, dear friend…..

Michael Joseph (exert from ‘Good-bye My Friend, by Mary and Herb Montgomery)

From all of us at IVS, from my loving family to yours, please love those around you and please hold dear the special love your memories bring for all the loves of your life.

May this Holiday season bring you wonderful moments with those you love and sweet remembrance of those in your memories…

Love and kisses from me, Lizzie…..

Holiday Memories

Dr. Snyder


Pepper, my 2 year old Dutch Shepherd, LOVES to shred tissue paper, wrapping paper, and anything else that makes a satisfying tearing noise! So, we save our gift wrappings for her after we’ve opened our gifts! She jumps around, ripping things, and then we clean up her “Pepper sprinkles” later. It gets messy, but it’s just too funny watching her have so much fun!

Dr. Ashbran


My most memorable Christmas was in 2010. That was my last Christmas with my dog Sahara. Sahara was the first dog I ever owned on my own. She was with me through college, vet school, and getting married. In 2010 she was diagnosed with cancer in her nose and had radiation. I knew that Christmas would be my last with her. She was very happy and felt good that Christmas and we were able to spend a lot of special time together. We made sure to spoil her more than normal. It was very a very special Christmas.

Dr. Pascucci


Growing up in Argentina in the southern hemisphere, Christmas always meant good times with family but also summer vacation! I have fond memories of hot afternoons playing outside or in the pool with my dog Brenna. An Irish Setter, Brenna was very fast and energetic. My sister and I would get our Red Flyer cart and have Brenna pull us around the neighborhood streets as if we were on a dog sled. Unfortunately for Brenna, fireworks are a big part of holiday celebrations in Argentina and I always remember trying to comfort her during those loud nights. Living in the United States, having the holidays during the winter is still a little strange for me… but lucky for our pets fireworks seem to be a summer tradition!

Dr. Hoholm


My cat, Fergus, booby-trapped our living room during Christmas 2010. He has a love of all things water, and that includes the water in the Christmas tree stand. He decided one night that his mission was to ensure that all of the water in the tree stand got emptied onto the floor, where we had an elaborate electrical set up for our desktop computer. The next morning, we had to carefully clean up a flood while avoiding electrocution. Since then, we have to carefully wrap the tree stand every year with layers of aluminum foil to try to deter a repeat performance of this event.

Dr. Oakley


We always had animals growing up. Every Christmas we would get the dogs a present and put it under the tree, whether it was tennis balls or treats. Out of all the presents under the tree, Deuce, our Dalmatian, would know which one was his and grab it Christmas morning. My husband and I continue this tradition with Moose and Guinness.

IVS Donates a Dollar for every Bath & Groom in December!

KITTENS-ON-BATH-TOWELSWhat better time to bring in your furry companion for a bath and groom? Have your beloved pet looking their best for the upcoming holiday festivities, and help out a good cause at the same time!

Come in this month for a Bath and Groom and help make a difference. For every Bath & Groom IVS is donating a dollar to the Irvine Animal Care Center.
In the month of December, Irvine Veterinary Services will donate a dollar to the Irvine Animal Care Center in support of their Third Chance program for every bath or groom performed.

The Third Chance program transfers animals from overcrowded Southern California shelters where they may have limited chances for adoption, and brings them to the Shelter for a chance at finding their forever home. Since these animals come from outside of Irvine, their care is funded entirely through donations.




Join the IVS team at the IACC 7th Annual Pet Adoption Fair!

CAT-WITH-TINSELHome for the Holidays started seven years ago, bringing together rescues and shelters to find homes for hundreds of homeless animals. This event takes place in one afternoon, at one easy-to-navigate, enclosed location. There will be adoptable dogs, cats, rabbits, and other animals, as well as dozens of pet product vendors and a silent auction.

Join the IVS staff at our booth for low-cost microchips and free vet and trainer advice!

To find out more about IACC or the Home for the Holidays Event, click on the Link Below




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