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Oh! The Places We Go!

Lizzie tells us about fun places in orange county to take your dogs this summer. Dr. Lisa Fieg goes over Dog and Cat Allergies and Flea treatments. Letty Kreger tells her Trupanion pet insurance story and Brittany Sorich explains the benefits of i/d pet food during pet boarding.

Feline Fans: Focusing on Your Cat’s Future

Cats need specialized preventative care too! Adult and Senior Cats can experience a great improvement in their quality of live with preventative checkups. And Preventative Care checkups give our loving Veterinarians at Irvine Veterinary Services a chance to prevent, identify and treat small health problems before they become life threatening. We love your …

January 2018: Growing Old Together

Even though it is a Happy New Year, senior pets who are seven years and older, will benefit from specialized senior pet preventative care that is customized for their changing life stage. Together we can give your pets the care they need to continue loving life.