Are You that special kind of Human?

Allow me to introduce myself!

My name is Lizzie and I was born a Brussels Griffon.

I live with lots of dogs and cats and two humans, Pam and Eddie- that I love very much. I am a very lucky girl because one of my humans brings me work every day and I get a front row seat into the workings of a Veterinary Hospital.
You all know it-it’s IVS!

There are many other great humans at work-the hard working staff and Veterinarians but also all the wonderful people that bring their pets into see us. I really love to greet everyone in the hallway. Sometimes I get to nap on my special blanket and am in just the right spot to see all the comings and goings. Often-when the humans aren’t watching I visit the kitties in the cat suite. Most of them don’t mind-after all I live with MANY of them at home.

I’ve learned a lot about humans in my life. Mostly they are wonderful and do great things for me, my family, and other dogs and cats. But recently I discovered a special kind of human-those that visit the Irvine Animal Shelter and adopt my special friends-Third Chance Pets.

Third Chance Pets are dogs and cats that came to the Irvine Shelter from many places in Southern California where other shelters were too full and couldn’t keep them. Most of them were given up by their humans and left behind for many sad reasons. When I meet these special people and pets I am filled with joy! There are SO many great stories. But the BEST part of seeing these wonderful humans and their special new friends is the happiness on the faces of the humans!

Will you please be that special kind of human this Holiday Season? Will you please visit the Irvine Animal Care Center and ask about my friends, Third Chance Pets? For those of you that do I PROMISE you give you one of my world famous licks!! Visit all my favorite humans at the annual ‘Home for the Holidays Event’ and meet me at the IVS booth!

Please feel free to e-mail me and tell me about your special Third Chance Pet!

Love and Kisses from me, Lizzie!

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