Southern California | April 2015 Pet News & Vet Views: Preventing Pet Parasites

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For Orange County pet owners, Lizzie says ‘Bugs Be Gone’!!! Veterinarians can prevent pet parasites.

Happy April to all my friends!

Each spring I remind everyone that bugs are out to get us dogs and cats this time of year.

Fleas that are dormant during winter months begin to hatch inside where we sleep, and ticks begin their lifecycle ‘anew’, hanging out on our favorite walking trails, and on the bushes in our front yard!

Don’t forget about all those trees that are blooming with beautiful flowers and attracting ALL those bees and wasps! Some of us are HIGHLY allergic to stings and to others a sting can be life threatening. Read all about it on our emergency care page.

Makes a dog want to leave town!!

So what can we do? Make sure you give us a call at IVS to help to select the RIGHT flea, tick, and heartworm preventative for us dogs and cats. Don’t forget about my feline friends! Fleas love cats because they have thin skin and fur that is EASY to hang onto.

Got worms?? Tapeworms are caused by fleas and sometimes we can see them. If you see white worms in our stool bring us in and we can easily be ‘de-wormed’. But really bad parasites cannot be seen and so we need to have our stool checked for invisible parasites at least ONCE a year. But the best way to avoid bugs is to make sure we are on preventatives ALL YEAR LONG. Check out our Vets comments about parasites and why we need to pay attention to prevention.

FINALLY-I need to remind you how IMPORTANT it is to be prepared when we need medical attention when we are sick. Here at IVS we BELIEVE in pet insurance and we LIKE Trupanion. Just go on-line and look them up! It’s easy to get a quote and choose a deductible. Read about how many of our clients were saved with the help of Trupanion.

Love and Kisses from me,
P.S. Happy Easter, and a wonderful Spring to all of my special Persian friends…

Happy Easter, from Irvine, CA Veterinarians and all pets in Southern California -- including Persian Cats

Yearly Parasite Protection?

The Veterinarians at IVS recommend yearly parasite protection and here’s why:

“…because some parasites can cause harm to people. For example, fleas can transmit typhus to humans, ticks can transmit many tick-borne illnesses such as Lyme disease, giardia can be transmissible from pets to people, and canine roundworms can infect people, especially children playing in an affected environment and cause severe problems such as blindness.” ~ Dr. Audrey Hoholm, Northpark CA.

“Keeping your pet on year round parasite prevention is just as important as bringing him/her in for an annual exam, updating vaccines on time, and running yearly blood work in senior animals. Humans can bring fleas and/or ticks inside on their shoes and pant cuffs. Even just one or two fleas can cause your pet to become itchy and uncomfortable, and can lead to a serious household infestation – a single adult female flea produces 40-50 eggs per day and new adult fleas can hatch in as little as 8 days!” ~ Dr. Elizabeth Morse, University Park

Heartworm disease is a serious disease that can be easily prevented with monthly medication such as Trifexis, Heartguard or Revolution. Thankfully it is not common in Southern California nor Orange County, but it is easy to prevent” ~ Dr. Mariana Pascucci, University Park

“Parasite prevention is important year-round because we live in such a warm weather climate year-round. Fleas love this weather as much as we do, and I see as many fleas in January as I do in July!” ~ Dr. Caitlin Snyder, Northpark


Trupanion for Your Companion?

Do you wonder if pet insurance is right for you? Much like human medical insurance, it is a buffer from those unexpected, high cost illnesses that we never plan for.

You can customize your plan based on the deductible amount you want to pay. They also provide add-on benefits such as behavioral assessments, acupuncture, chiropractic, etc. Visit their website or call 977.589.1864 (24 hours a day)

Still not sure? Ask our receptionists about your 30 day free trial!

Jacqueline tells us about why she chose Trupanion and how it has helped her:
“My son begged for a dog for more than a year, after we lost our cocker spaniel Bentley due to a severe back injury, which led him to becoming paralyzed, having surgery, and then suffering from his loss after only having him for only 2 ½ months. We loved him dearly, even though we shared his life with us for such a short time.
This time the dog I chose was being transported from Arkansas, a newborn Shih Tzu. I was very exciting to pick up our newest family member from LAX. Of course, we had him thoroughly checked out when we received him and informed the breeder he continued to be in good health. It was recommended during our check up to consider pet insurance, so I signed up. After paying $55 a month for full coverage for only two months, I thought to myself, why am I paying for insurance for a puppy? I won’t need it for years. I called Trupanion to cancel the insurance and the agent talked me out of it and recommended a higher deductible to lower my payment to $29 a month. Little did I know that two weeks later my puppy Achilles would end up becoming very ill and after extensive testing would be diagnosed with eosinophilic meningitis myelitis. Total costs $5,340. I immediately sent in a claim to Trupanion and received reimbursement within two weeks for $4,526. More would have been received if I didn’t lower the coverage two weeks before, but boy was I grateful I was talked out of canceling it all together! Even better, my puppy was nursed back to health and we continue to enjoy him being part of the family. ☺”

Achilles the adorable puppy


post-Monroe the brave dog

Miss Monroe is a force of nature. Rescued from Irvine Animal Care Center as a 10 week old, blind at birth puppy by an employee’s family, this Great Dane has had her fair share of trials. Her family made some huge adjustments as well. When Monroe came home to her forever family, she was already 29 pounds. True to puppy form this 29 pound and growing quickly puppy liked to chew on baseboards and the wood mantel. Her family had the largest crate made in their kitchen and it took up half of the room! Through amazing adjustments Monroe learned to use throw rugs are her guides through the house, feeling her way one rug at a time. A big post is bubbled wrapped so Monroe doesn’t crash into it.

Today Monroe is 168 pounds and stunning. She has had a 12 ounce lipoma removed from her hip, recently she was attacked by another dog and had to have six stitches plus she had 7 puncture wounds, and she suffers from grand mal seizures once about every 2 months. The most amazing part is through all of this, Monroe has remained loving and trusting.

Monroe even has a room named after her at Trupanion. Based on her inability to see, the room is padded, with inflatable furniture, no sharp edges. The perfect place to “bounce” ideas around.


IVS has their very own “Superstar of the Month”!

Come over to our University Park location and meet Buddy. Buddy is approximately 3 years young Bichon, who loves walks, and knows basic commands. Buddy is neutered and up-to-date on vaccines. He is full of affection and loves everyone he meets. He loves other dogs. Interested? Call 949.786-0990 or stop in 5301 University Drive, Irvine to meet Buddy and fill out an adoption application.

Buddy the Bichon


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