The use of video otoscopy provides the best view and examination of the ear canal. It has a strong light without increased heat and it has a magnified view. This allows us to best evaluate the health of the ear and for any abnormalities that require attention.

Normal Ear
Hill’s Atlas of Veterinary Clinical Anatomy

Normal Ear (Video Otoscopy)


Normal Ear
Entrance to Vertical Canal


Normal Ear
Horizontal Canal Free of Debris
Note normal tympanic membrane at end of canal

Abnormal Ear (Video Otoscopy)
If very inflamed, we may not be able to see the ear drum.


Abnormal Ear
Swelling and redness at entrance of vertical canal


Abnormal Ear
Waxy debris and mild redness in horizontal canal
Note swelling and narrowing of canal. Unable to visualize tympanic membrane.