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Using knowledge of dog and cat characteristics and grooming techniques and styles, the Pet Groomer combs, clips, trims and shapes pets’ coats. The Groomer may also bathe animals, clip pets’ nails and clean pets’ ears, and is involved in training kennel staff to assist in these bathing functions. The Groomer may interact with clients to be certain each pet’s special needs are understood and offers solutions for specific issues.

A high school diploma is required; professional grooming accreditation is preferred. The Groomer must have knowledge of specific dog breed cuts and be able to groom cats as well; significant related experience is required. The Groomer must also possess extraordinary people skills and a desire to work as an integral part of dynamic team.

Pet Groomers work on a generous commission rate. In addition, Groomers are paid a salary to attend to administrative functions.

The following describe positions at IVS. Remember: We may not have an opening in each category at the time you apply.