Practice Manager-IVS-UP

Heather Finney has been a long term employee of IVS for nearly 18 years. As a Practice Manager her primary responsibility is to assure the smooth and comfortable delivery of quality client and patient care in a busy full service veterinary hospital open 7 days a week.


Heather Finney

“At IVS we know that clients value a special relationship with their veterinarian and staff. After nearly 50 years in practice in Irvine we have developed many relationships with long term clients and their pets.”

“The most significant challenge we face each day is to take quality time with our clients when they visit providing not only great care but clear and appropriate health care information. Healthy and happy pets and clients are always the result of great trust and communication between pet owner and IVS staff. In order to deliver great care we are dedicated to constant improvement in our staff’s knowledge. We consider it a privilege to be the veterinary practice chosen by our clients.”

Practice Manager-IVS-NP

Sharon Freshour

“I enjoy being able to interact with both clients as well as their pets. There’s nothing like a soft, furry greeting to turn your day around. I am thrilled to be in a practice with such competent and caring doctors and staff. I relish the opportunity to get to know the wonderful client/pet base at IVS-Northpark and am excited to be a part of such a truly caring and upbeat team. I look forward to many years of success at IVS.”

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Assistant Practice Manager-IVS-UP

Joshlyn Harding

Joshlyn Harding

Joshlyn Harding has been an IVS employee for nearly 18 years. “While I am new to serving as the IVS-NP Assistant Practice Manager I am NOT new to Veterinary Medicine at IVS. As an assistant manager my job responsibilities focus on people management and systems-all in the interest of caring for our patients and clients. In the absence of our practice manager I am the staff member and leader ‘running’ the shift and assuring continuity of care. You will find me often in our kennel area assuring that our hard working groomers and kennel attendants have everything they need to meet our clients expectations about their pets care.”

Lead Receptionist


Sirena Lee

Working in the front office of a vet hospital, I see a lot of people leaving their beloved pets in our hands. I see tears and I see laughs and even scowls. Several years ago, a small group of ladies walked in and told me they were here to pick up their grandpas dog. After we finished with the discharge, it was time to get the pet from the kennel. As we walked to the back one of the ladies asked me if they could all come with me. I said, “Of course!” They ran out to get grandpa too. When they did, she asked me if I would video the reunion because grandpa had been in the hospital for 3 months and hadn’t seen his doggie all that time! Of course, I obliged. We all went into the runs and I followed with the camcorder watching through the viewfinder. Grandpa came around the corner and when he saw his dog his eyes welled up with tears and he started crying. When I opened the door to the cage, that little dog started backing and ran right over to grandpa and was barking and licking the tears on his face. I felt the tears running down my own face as I heard my voice saying that was the most awesome thing I have ever seen!

“I chose IVS because of the level of professionalism and the high quality of medicine that is practiced here. I wanted to be part of a practice that is making a difference and be part of who is making the difference!”

“I look at every animal that comes in to our practice as if it were on of my sweet babies. I try to ease their fears and earn their trust. When I say I will stay with a pet while they are receiving treatment, I stay with it and continue to try to ease their fears. I try to make each visit with the vet a positive one. I go home every night and hug my four legged babies knowing I do what I do for them.”

Head Technicians

Chris Tanaka

Chris Tanaka

Chris Tanaka, RVT, has been working with Dr. Cole at IVS-UP for over 20 years. “I love the medicine” comments Chris. “It is my responsibility to ensure that our very competent and compassionate nursing staff has the most advanced equipment available to them and the most up to date training. It is my express responsibility to oversee the maintenance and calibration of all hospital equipment, and to assure that our veterinary staff has the best nursing/technician staff available to them in treating our patients and educating our clients.”

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