dr-pamela-bDr. Pam Feng achieved her Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine degree from the University of Davis, in June 2014. Like many IVS Veterinarians Dr. Feng was employed in several practices as a Veterinary Technician prior to enrollment in Veterinary School or during school. Dr. Feng lives with Lola and Beaker, two ‘especially’ loved felines.

Dr. Feng comments about her passion for being a Veterinarian:

“Although I grew up with dogs, it wasn’t until veterinary school that I took an interest in feline medicine. My love for feline medicine quickly grew during veterinary school and I now have two cats of my own! Cats have a reputation for being one of those most challenging animals to treat. As a whole, they tend to be stoic and hide their clinical signs from owners (and veterinarians).”

“The most moving story I have experienced thus far in practice was about a pit bull named Butch. Butch’s owners had a love for pit bulls, and made it their mission to try and disprove all of the bad rap about pit bulls. Butch saw me when I was still a student in veterinary school. He had a large tumor on his spleen that required surgery. Butch was the most adorable and friendly boy and everyone who met him loved him. Butch’s surgery went well and we were happy to report that the mass was benign. On the day Butch went home, the owner came wearing special made T-shirts with Butch’s picture on the front. It was such a happy ending for Butch and his family.”

“As a veterinarian, part of your job is to remain a lifelong learner. Like any other type of medicine, veterinary medicine is constantly changing. By learning about new advances in the field, I am able to provide the highest quality medicine to my patients, who deserve nothing but the best. This is my commitment to my clients and the pets they love.”

“I chose to work at IVS because of the wonderful and knowledgeable staff and veterinarians. IVS always puts the client and patient first and offers only the best quality care and medicine.”

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